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The 1 MB fun game: Atomic Bomber

If you are tired of playing the same old games for a quite a bit of time and want to try something new then we have got something for you. Playing the same game for a long time can be frustrating and it might be time you choose something new, fun and simple. In this article we will tell you about a simple game that you might not know of, Atomic Bomber “1 MB Fun Game”.

Atomic Bomber is a jet fighter invasion game which is quite simple to play and there are not a lot of buttons to make it complicated. As the name suggests, you can even bomb your enemies with atomic weapons. As you play on, the control will become simpler for you and you will really enjoy playing this game. It’s a good way to pass your time if you are not into high end android games. Moreover, the game has included other fun featured like MiGs, guided missiles and anti-air guns. These components will add a bit of a challenge as you play on and the fun on bun can continue more.

Atomic Bomber “1 MB Fun Game”

Some might overlook this game due to its graphic but you cannot just judge by graphic. It’s basic, smooth to run and a great game for passing your boredom. The best part of the game is that it’s just 1.3 MB so there is no storage problem even if you have really low space left on your device. The game is also a good choice for small children since it doesn’t create any offense and provides a wide range of entertainment for kids. Atomic Bomber is available for free on Play store, but you can anytime upgrade it to a full version for $0.99 which gives you additional features. Additional features include the ad free version, and extra starting life, optional on screen joystick, shooting down the MiG and many more.


In conclusion, Atomic Bomber is a nice game loved by almost all of the users and is a top choice for spending your free time with some fun. We highly recommend this game to anyone to give it a try and let us know what you think. Simple but super fun.

Game Screen-caps

Atomic Bomber “1 MB Fun Game” Atomic Bomber “1 MB Fun Game”


Download Atomic Bomber Here
Download Atomic Bomber Here



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