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300Mbps Internet Package Comparison (CG vs Subisu vs WordLink vs Vianet)


The internet demand for homes has been increasing for normal users day by day. Therefore most of the ISP in Nepal have been introducing higher bandwidth Wifi packages. While we can find the minimum bandwidth offered by the ISP is also increasing. This article shows the comparison of the 300 Mbps internet package offered by ISP in the Nepali market. 


Different ISP have targeted various categories of users. As the internet needs to differ from home to home. Brands such as Worldlink provide the highest bandwidth for Residential uses in Nepal. Whereas new ISP which recently entered the Nepali provides the most affordable internet for normal users. While ISP brands such as CG are providing the fastest internet at the most reasonable price.  

300 Mbps internet: Price Comparison

The 300Mbps connection is the highest bandwidth offered by CG Net which was just recently announced. Whereas other ISP companies have been offering 300Mbps bandwidth for quite a while. First of all, talking about the cost of the CG 300 Mbps internet, it will cost you Rs 14,928. While average the monthly price of CG net to Rs 1244. If you get a 1-year subscription.

300Mbps (12 months)Rs 14,928
Rs 17,256
Rs 18,000
Rs 18,000
300Mbps (3 months)Rs 4,062
Rs 4,400
Rs 4,950
Rs 5,550
300Mbps (1 month)Rs 1.399
Rs 1,550
      – Rs 1,900

Similarly, the Subisu 300 Mbps package will cost you Rs 17,256 for a 1-year of subscription. While World-link and Vianet 300 Mbps have the same subscription amount of Rs 18,000. Thought a thing to note is that these prices don’t include 13% VAT.

300 Mbps Internet Package: One Time Set-up charge for 12 months Subscription

Most ISP providers charge a one-time subscription fee to the new user. Therefore we need to look into these fees if you’re planning to switch your current ISP service. Recently most companies have been providing various offers including free installation charges and more. One such is CG will free installation charge, free drop wire cost, and free rental charge of a dual-band router.

Installation ChargeFreeFree      –Free
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFreeRs 500
Rental Charge for Dual Band RouterFreeFreeFreeRs 500 
Refundable depositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500

All of the 300 Mbps packages come with a dual-band router. For stable connection and higher bandwidth speed with uses the internet connection. Whereas talking about the features we get 3 IPTV support in this package for world link and Vainet. But ISP such as CG and Subisu doesn’t include IPTV support.


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