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5 Must have apps for guitarist


Internet provides  a lot of open resources for every guitar players to help them upgrade their skills. Whether you are a skilled player or someone who is just into playing guitar, you will someday need these enormous resources available. Having specific app for this purpose provides you an organized way of accessing any kits and information without any delay. We have included 5 must have apps for every guitarist so that you can better enhance your skill.


GuitarTuna is a must have app for every guitarist. Instead of having to spend a couple of dollars or more on guitar tuners you can have this free app installed on your android. GuiatrTuna is more capable than your ordinary tuner. It is the easiest, fastest and the most accurate tuner. GuitarTuna works for bass, ukelele and all string instruments. With more than 20 million downloads, it is simple an easy to use guitar tuner. It is also perfect for beginners as it automatically recognizes the strings with accuracy. There are also several other features like playing guitar chords game, note game etc. Have this app installed today on your device to explore its features and usefulness.

CLICK HERE to download from Google Play.


Songsterr is a paid app on Google Play which has instant access to over 500,000 guitar tabs. This is a useful app for almost any guitar player as it has all the tabs and chords to the songs you need. The tab plays with in the app which makes learning more easy. Even the tab quality is highly appreciable and there is only one version of tab per song. This app is super helpful if you’re looking to learn a very popular hit song. The loop feature, speed control, choosing which instrument is playing – all very handy when it comes to learning a song. You can have this app freely available from the link below. Please note that this may cause security threat to your device.

CLICK HERE to download from Google Play.

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Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a great app for every guitarist. It has all the chords, tabs and lyrics of almost any song over internet. This app is similar to Songsterr but with some more benefits like song lyrics. It has guitar as well as ukelele tabs of over 1 million songs. You can refresh your knowledge of guitar with this app for sure. You can have offline access to the chords and tabs of the songs. The best part of this app is that its available for free and you can also have additional features when paid. You can even have an accurate tuner available with in-app purchase. This app is freely available in Google Play.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs v4.3.8 Apk For android Download (4)

CLICK HERE to download from Google Play.

smart Chords & tools

smart Chord is the app for all musicians either for beginner or professional guitar players. smart Chord offers you Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Arpeggios, Circle of Fifths, Reverse chord finder, Transposer, Musical ear training, Virtual Instruments, Pitch Pipe and many more. smart Chord offers everything that a musician desires. smart Chords is for any string instruments. It contains almost all chord types and possible fingerings. It also consists of right an left hand mode. This is a must have app for every guitarist to learn theories and fretboard practice. Using this app will definitely power up your skills.


CLICK HERE to download from Google Play.

Guitar Songs

With Guitar Songs, you can keep database of songs to help you play on party or with friends. You can have your list of lyrics and chords available anytime for you to play. This application is really helpful for beginners who forgot most of the chords and even lyrics. This app is helpful for people who like to sing along playing guitar. It is very important for the guitarist to be able to play and sing a song at the same time so we recommend this app to anyone. This app works offline once you have downloaded required song. The auto scrolling feature is really helpful when playing and reading the chords/lyrics at the same time.

CLICK HERE to download from Google Play.

These are the 5 must have apps for every guitarist. You can skill up by using these apps. We hope these apps will surely benefit your playing. If you want to recommend any other apps then leave it in the comment section below.




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