9 Reasons to Switch to linux


Windows has always been the most popular Operating System among PC users and rightly so because it is one of the best OS out there. Most games and applications are specifically developed for windows operating system. And users tend to stick with windows as it comes pre-installed on their PC’s or laptops. However in some cases they can benefit from switching to linux. Also learning to use it is easy and can be a fun experience. In this article we’re going to tell you reasons why you should switch to a linux operating system.

1.     Open source operating system

This means that the code used to create linux is available for the whole world to edit and especially improve. With the contribution of the people throughout the years, linux operating system has grown to be a very powerful and stable operating system.

2.     It’s free

Yes, linux distributions are free to download. Unlike windows operating system which can set you back a lot of money to set up, linux OS’s are free to download and fairly easy to install on your system (some might say even easier than windows).

3.     Many flavors to choose from

While the kernel(the part of the OS that interfaces with the hardware) is always same, linux has many distributions each one offering something different. You can choose the distribution based on your needs and requirements. Some of the most popular distributions are Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali etc.

4.     Many alternatives to windows apps

For Microsoft office there is LibreOffice, for Photoshop there is GIMP image editor and virtually every windows app has an alternative in linux. In cases where windows apps are absolutely necessary, it can also run windows applications and games with ‘wine’.

5.     Penetration testing (Hacking)

If you are interested in learning some penetration testing or “computer hacking” then linux is the best choice for you. There are many tools available  like nmap, ncat, wireshark etc that allow you to dabble in pen-testing. If you opt for Kali linux OS, all the pen-testing tools come preinstalled and ready to use.


6.     Faster performance

If you have an old pc or a laptop which runs very slow on windows, you can switch to a low end linux distribution like ‘lubuntu’ , a flavor of Ubuntu which has very low system requirements and will make your old PC or laptop usable again.

Lubuntu desktop interface

7.     No need to install additional drivers

It can be annoying when you install windows on your PC and still need to find additional drivers for your system otherwise the video resolution remains low or the network adapter does not function. Well this is not an issue in linux as most of the drivers come preinstalled.

8.     Faster downloads from repository

NTC(Nepal Telecom) has their own Ubuntu repository which means that even users subscribed to 192 kbps package can download many software and updates in range of megabytes per second.

9.     Software installations are easier

Installing a new software in linux can be as easy as running a single line of code. For example, to install Vlc media player browser you can simply type ‘sudo apt-get install vlc’, then wait a few seconds. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

But there are some issues with linux like some distributions such as Ubuntu tend to be a drain on the laptop’s battery. Also there are not many games available in linux like in windows( but many steam games are being launched on linux recently).

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