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“Geekbench score of Apple A17 Pro Chipset: Performance Cores Soar at 3.78GHz”


Apple has just launched its brand new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max a couple of days back with the new 3nm chipset. The Apple A17 Pro SoC includes a 6-core processor with two performance cores and four efficiency units. Now, Geekbench Score reveals that the new chip’s performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz.

A17 Pro performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz

A17 Pro performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz:

A 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 efficiency units makes up the Apple A17 Pro SoC. According to Apple, this processor offers a 10% speed increase over the A16 Bionic which is currently featured on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Now that Geekbench has benchmark results for the iPhone 15 Pro line, we have more information on the A17 Pro processor as well as a comparison point with the A16 Bionic SoC from the previous year.

The new iPhone 15 Pro (iPhone 16,1) from Apple Achieves Impressive Benchmark Scores: Clocking in at 2,908 Single-Core Points and 7,238 Multi-Core Scores. To put it in perspective, last year’s iPhone 14 Pro recorded figures in the 2,500 single-core and 6,400 multi-core ranges on Geekbench. This translates to a notable 16% Single-Core Performance Boost and a 13% Multi-Core Improvement on the New iPhone 15 Pro.

A17 Pro performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz

Geekbench has given us a sneak peek into the A17 Pro’s power – its CPU’s performance cores boast an impressive 3.78GHz base speed, making them the speediest cores ever seen in a mobile chip. However, we’re still waiting to hear about the clock speeds of the efficiency cores.

A17 Pro performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz

The iPhone 15 Pro Max(iPhone 16,2) achieved scores of 2,846 points for its single-core performance and 7,024 points for multi-core performance, according to the latest Geekbench results. These listings also confirm that the phone indeed has 8GB of RAM, which was previously disclosed in Xcode. Given the new 3nm technology, it will be fascinating to find out how the new A17 Pro processor performs in terms of efficiency.

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