AI Expo happening in Nepal

A one of its kind AI Expo is happening in Nepal soon. This expo aims to flaunt the newest technology that has been making the rounds everywhere i.e. AI

The organizer’s AID and Fusemachines have stated that the expo will showcase the most capable and interesting AI projects and papers where participants from both academia and industry will participate. It aims to solve the most important problems, practically and ethically with the help of AI. This in the case will result in the increased interest of both academia and industry in the AI sector.

The participants in this expo could be anyone ranging from

AI experts, AI instructors, professionals, freelancers, students, learners, practitioners

To participate you can fill this form Make sure you fill it up before June 14th.

The applicants are expected to submit their projects in teams which should consist of at least 3 members and at most 5 members. They are also expected to disclose the status of their project/paper.

Things to Consider for Participation:

  • Institutional Representation of the participant (either academia or Industry)
  • A well worked out an idea or a prototype is needed
  • Basic programming skills are a must-have asset.
  • Research paper on team project must be published in an academic journal