Alien Attack 1.0 — An Exciting Shooting Game


After a wonderful success of its first app, Slap Neta, Chipleti is back with its another game for all of you. Chipleti developed the first game called Slap Neta which was a political sattire to the corrupt politicians of Nepal. This time, Chipleti has brought you Alien Attack1.0 — An exciting shooting game. This is a good game developed by its creative creators who make Nepali gaming simple and fun. The game has a simple motive to protect your beautiful city which has been attacked by aliens.

Alien Attack1.0

Alien Attack 1.0 is a free-to-play game. The controls of the game is easy with only two controls — jump and fire. Your character automatically moves forward and you have shoot and jump to save yourself from the alien contact. The alien comes forward towards you and decrease your health by lethal contact. Your motive is to shoot and destroy those swarming aliens to gain points. You can also jump and lang above their heads to destroy them. You are awarded health as bonus from time and again. At the starting and replay menu of the game, a chopper drops your high score and a share button. You can also watch a video to revive yourself if you are connected on Wi-Fi or data.

The game story line revolves around the beautiful backdrop of Kathmandu valley. You can see many significant monuments and places at the running background of the game. The game has a good graphics with magnificent art design. The game play has hand-drawn 2D backgrounds, characters and aliens. The busy roads that run in the background shows the Kathmandu city and the overturned vehicles represents the alien invasion. The sounds and music of the game adds a perfect element to the game play. The game could add a bit more of the background graphics instead of just playing the same over and over again.

Overall, the game has a nice game play and graphics that suffice the simple yet fun game for androids. The game will be a good choice to play around kids and your friends. This game is suitable for anyone with no offence to anyone though it involves shooting and killing. The game could improve more on its controls which sometimes is laggy. The character also gets confused sometimes on the obstacles which can be improved on further updates. The game runs smoothly even on device with low specs so it won’t be any problem if you have an old phone. Save your city from deadly alien attack and have fun.

CLICK HERE to download Alien Attack 1.0. 

Alien Attack GamePlay

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    I have installed and played this game..I am enjoying playing it..I found the gameplay simple yet engaging..Happy that Nepali developers are coming out with cool games..

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      Thank you for your comment

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