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The Second Android 14 developer Preview released for Pixel devices


After google released its first Android 14 developer preview back in February, there comes the second developer preview for Pixel devices. There have been changes and updates with this preview as well including performance, privacy, security, system health and much more. Let’s check out the updates.

Android 14 Developer Preview 2

Android 14 has worked on more Privacy and security, and major changes include the photo picker which allows users to grant permission to access all media, some or deny with the dont allow option. 

android 14 developer preview 2 photo picker

Android 14 brings a credential manager, an platform API which allows apps to sign in with passkeys, which can be both used on websites and apps. The Android 14 developer preview 2 blog states that the UI Styling has been improved along with changes as per feedback on API. 

Likewise, background running apps and optimization of such background performance will be improved. Cached apps will be discontinued, and few notifications will be non-dismissible. 

Regional preferences bring out new features like personalised temperature units, the first day of the week, and numbering systems according to region. 

Android developer preview 2 regional preferences

The Android 14-second developer review is out now for developers and not for daily use. However, the upcoming first beta is coming next month and will be available for general consumers as well. 

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