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Android Battery Tips and Tricks


Android devices has become very popular for photography, gaming, music, using social sites and so on. With so much usage on a single device, people spend average of at least 3-4 hrs on their device. It is obvious that your Smartphone Battery doesn’t last for too long when you are using it. Many Smartphones have those bigger and higher resolution screens which drains battery. All those android apps you are using is emptying your Smartphone’s battery. Here are a few tips and tricks for your battery to charge faster and last longer.

Charging in Airplane Mode

Charging in Airplane Mode does gives your battery a faster charge. Even when you are not using your device, the cell phone network is draining your battery. You may need your device to view date-time and other stuffs so we recommend you to charge your device in Airplane mode. You can view the significant results by comparing your average charge time with charging in Airplane mode. Using your device in Airplane mode also gives a battery boost to your device.

Charging in Airplane Mode

Use Power Saving Mode

Most of the Android devices has a Power Saving Mode which allows you to save battery. You can turn on Power Saving mode and it works wonder. Power Saving mode restricts background performance and stops unwanted apps from using your battery. It also compromises CPU usage and makes adjustment to screen brightness so that your device may last long. It may make your device a bit slow but its quite unnoticeable.

Power Saving Mode

Turn off Cell Phone Vibration

You can turn off cell phone vibration unless you actually need it. Vibration during an incoming call takes way more battery than just ringing it. You can keep vibration only when you are in a noisy environment and you don’t want to miss your call. You can also turn off vibration feedback on your device. This can save battery a lot than you imagine and your device will last longer on battery.

Use a Black Wallpaper

Many of the devices nowadays use AMOLED screen. If your device is AMOLED then you can use a black wallpaper to increase your battery life. AMOLED screen only lit colored pixels so if your background is black it saves your battery. If you don’t want to use completely black wallpaper then you can also use a dark wallpaper because the more darker pixels you have, the less power you need to lit them up.

Black Wallpaper

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, Auto sync

It is common sense to turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. But most of us have the habit of connecting to our home WiFi network even while we are not doing any internet work or leaving the device stationary. Also those apps which has auto sync will use internet to give and receive data in the back-ground. This indeed drains energy from the battery. If you close the WiFi, Bluetooth and auto sync then you can avoid such useless loss of your battery energy.

Maintain your Charge cycle

Most of us have the habit of frequently charging our battery or draining the battery to its lowest state and charging it from there to 100 percent. Doing so will have an immense effect on your battery life. It is best for you if you keep your battery percentage between 40% to 80%. It means charging your phone when battery reaches 40% and plugging out at 80%. Avoiding full charge has benefits and some manufacturer even set the charge threshold below the full capacity.

Use your device’s charger

Always use your own charger never ever use charger from other devices for charging. Your charger have specific current and voltage rating for charging your phone. Using other phone charger that has greater than the specified rate for your phone may seriously damage your device. Some mobile phones have charger for fast charging which has greater current rating. If your mobile doesn’t support fast charging than using such charger will increase the temperature of your device or battery seriously harming both your device and battery. Also avoid buying knock-off chargers. Those chargers supplied by manufacturer are much more than those Rs.50 charger you buy at foot path.

Watch for temperature

The temperature of your device has an huge effect on your battery life. You should avoid overusing of your device from getting it too hot to handle. You should also keep your mobile phone away from sunlight during summer and other heat sources like burning firewood,stove,etc. Not only this but in the places where temperature reaches below freezing point leaving your mobile outside in the surrounding for long time may also damage the battery.

Use Greenify

Greenify is an app freely available on Android Play Store and it works really great when it comes to saving your battery life. It is an utility app that restricts background data and apps to draw your battery power. If you do not already know about Greenify then we suggest you to check our previous article. ULTIMATE BATTERY OPTIMIZER- GREENIFY

Above mentioned tips and tricks when used properly really works well for all smartphones. Even if your smartphone battery is not upto your satisfactory needs, you can use these methods to give them a boost. You can try all these tips from today to see significant results within days.


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