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Android commits to user safety by protecting against Unwanted Bluetooth tracking.


In today’s world where privacy is greatly valued and also immensely compromised, tech companies are in a never-ending rat race to protect their users from data piracy, and security issues. Now, Android has just stepped up its game as it just announced a new feature called “Unknown Tracker Alerts”.

Andriod introduces Unknown Tracker Alerts.

Is this feature available in all Android versions?

Users can finally have some sense of privacy as Android introduces Unknown Tracker Alerts. While the feature had been announced at I/O 2023, as of now the feature is rolling out to users with Android 6.0 and later versions. So, users with lesser versions than Android 6.0 will not have access to this feature.

Manual Scanning for nearby “Trackers”

With this ground-breaking function, Android users will receive an immediate alert if a Bluetooth tracker that is unknown to them and has been detached from its owner is seen traveling alongside them. This functionality will initially only work with Apple AirTags, but it will eventually work with other tracking tags as well.

Android security

Moreover, Android Users are not limited to watching for warnings. The presence of a manual scan feature allows proactive scanning for trackers separated from their owners. Within 30 seconds, by selecting “Settings” > “Safety & Emergency” > “Unknown tracker alerts” > “Scan Now,” the user will receive a list of nearby trackers.

When users are notified about the unknown tracker, Users can learn more about the unknown tracker and take the necessary action. The serial number of the tracker or even the owner’s information may be visible if the tracker is brought closer to the phone.

Additionally, the function instructs customers on how to entirely turn off the Bluetooth tracker, prohibiting the owner from receiving any more location information.

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