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Android L

Android L Features and Release Date

On June 25th at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, Google I/O event was held. We came to know some interesting facts about android users.  Now there are 1 Billion, 30 days active android users around the world. Those 1 Billion active users send 20 Billion text messages every day and 93 Million of selfies every day.  Among those 93M selfies, 31 Million are duck faces selfies. Now let’s talk about the important announcement made by Google at the event. Google announced Google One Program, Android L, Android Wear, Android TV, Updated Chromecast and Android Auto. But today we are going to talk about Android L.

Android L

Google used to announced their new devices and new ready android version to public at the Google I/O event but this time they came up with a preview version of android which will available only for developer as of now. Android L will be the next big update in android history and Google will push OTA updates to all Nexus and GPE devices this fall. Here are some of the important changes or upgrades we will get from Android L:

New Material Design interface: Android L will bring new UI to the android devices and Google are calling their new UI, Material Design. There are lots of animations and colors in UI. The new material design can also be found on different android platform like android wear, android TV, android auto and including Google chrome OS.

Contextually-aware: Android L will launched in different platform like Smarphones, Wearable devices, Android TV and Android Auto. So now all of your android devices will be sync with each other to give you real time notifications, relevant information and many more.

Android L context
Android L context

ART and 64 bit support: ART was introduced with KitKat version and it was an optional part of the OS. Now with Android L, ART will comes default. Which means apps and games will load faster, lower memory consumption and better performance. Also android will also support 64 bit processor which will bring pc gaming experience on mobile devices.

Project Volta: Like project butter on Android Jellybean was meant to bring buttery smoothness on Android OS, Project Volta will help to improve the battery life on Android devices. Google said with the help of Project Volta they were able to expand +90min of battery life on Google Nexus 5.

Beside these features Android L will also bring Bluetooth 4.1 support, enhancement in lookscreen and notification systems, redesign navigation soft keys, real time shadow on UI, Bluetooth device authentication and many more. Right now Google has release a developer preview version of Android L for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 edition. You can download the preview file image and install in your Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 edition from here.

Source: PhoneArena

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