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Android TV 13 is launched, check out new updates and installments immediately!! 


Google has finally released the Android TV 13 OS, highlighting a few performances and quality improvements. The software update doesn’t bring out major big differences but instead focuses on TV-friendly accessible platforms. So it’s definitely worth it to check out a few of its key highlights. 

Highlights of the Android TV 13 OS : 

Moving on to what’s new, we have listed a few of the key highlights for platforms like cameras, media, graphics, battery and performance, privacy and security, and user experience. Check them out below:

Android TV software

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Camera :

1. Apps will be able to use Camera2 APIs to capture and preview HDR video content.

Developer and productivity:

1. App icons are styled on a user’s device using the Material You dynamic color provided by apps.

3. There are new platform APIs for a user-preferred, per-app language.

4. Android 13 improves the display of non-Latin scripts (such as Tamil, Burmese, Telugu, and Tibetan) by using a line height adapted for each language.

5. Android 13 adds support for the new MIDI 2.0 standard, including the ability to connect MIDI 2.0 hardware through USB.


1. Apps can identify how and which devices can be routed with their audio. Enjoy the immersive audio experience. 

Privacy and security:

1. Apps should use a new photo picker to provide a safe, built-in way for users to select media files without granting access to their entire media library.

2. Apps can request new permission to discover nearby Wi-Fi devices without accessing the device’s location.

3. The OS brings out more features with apps targeting 13+, such as permissions for advertising ID, body sensors permissions in backgrounds, granular media permissions e.t.c

Performance and battery: 

1. Android 13 introduces Battery Resource Utilization, which provides several ways to better manage device battery life.


Tablet and large screen:

1. There are more tablet optimizations introduced in Android 12 and the 12L feature includes optimizations for the system UI, better multitasking, and improved compatibility modes. 

Android TV 13 accessibility: 

ADT-3 dev box

However, the android TV annual rounds of preview software are more challenging to access. This might be a similar case to the latest TV OS as well. Just the latest Google TV-powered Chromecasts are receiving their Android TV 12 software update just earlier this year. Unless you are a developer and own an ADT-3 dev box. As for now let’s just wait.


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