Go Launcher EX prime
Go Launcher EX prime

App Alert: Get Go Launcher EX PRIME Free For Next 2 days.

Go Launcher EX is one of the popular launcher among android users. This apps has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times and 2,040,181 people has gave it 5 stars rating in Google Play Store. Go launcher EX is free to download but for Prime version you have to pay normally $5.99. You can use Promo code “APPSZOOM” to upgrade from basic version to Prime version from 31th May to 1st June.

Here are the steps how you can unlock the prime version:

1)      First install basic Go Launcher EX apps

2)      Go to home screen; hit three little dots on the bottom right corner of screen. Tap Preferences.

3)      Instead of going to upgrade to prime option, scroll down to bottom and click About Go Launcher.

4)      Scroll to the bottom again and you will see Promo Code Section. Use promo Code “APPSZOOM”.

That’s it, you will upgraded to prime version of Go Launcher EX.

Go Launcher EX
Go Launcher EX

The first thing what I like about Go Launcher after installing is, auto folder. Go launcher created folders according to the kind of apps. For ex: there was Games folder where almost all of my games were included, Reading folder where all my reading apps were included and same go to the social folder. I don’t use Go launcher because it eats lots of RAM, I found Go Launcher was using 150 MB of RAM in my Nexus 7 2013. When using Nova Launcher (which my all time favorite launcher), it uses only 40MB RAM. Anyway you are getting almost $6 of apps for free so why not to give a shot to Go Launcher.

Go launcher EX
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