App Of The Week #2 : Backgrounds HD

Looking for nice wallpaper that suits you and your mobile  ? Then Backgrounds HD is the app we have brought for you this week as App Of The Week #2. Everybody wants there mobile to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The wallpaper you choose for your smart phones not only improves the look of your mobile phone but also defines you and your personality. You may like classy, gentleman, cute, technological, gaming, etc type of wallpapers. Backgrounds HD is the app that has all of what you want.

Backgrounds HD
Backgrounds HD

It’s the World no.1 Backgrounds App Loved by more than 80,000,000 users World-wide. This FREE App provides Unique & Supreme collection of Images for your screen. You can enjoy Awesome Contents with Simple UI and Great performance. Backgrounds HD has received reviews from 1,800,000 people rating average of 4.6/5.0 with daily updates of Wallpapers selected by OGQ staffs. Guarantee the most stunning Wallpapers you’ve ever seen.

Not only this but you can also get chance to upload your work of photography and share among lots of people and earn fans that loves your photography skills. This app offers you Android 5.0’s simple interface and minimized designs. Backgrounds HD more focuses on wallpaper image itself, to make greater performance. You would never have to worry about your memories or battery running out.

Backgrounds HD Features

Picking wallpapers

Check out the Brand new hottest beautiful wallpapers updated every day, wallpapers selected by users worldwide. All the images include artist’s information, license details and URL of the artist’s webpage. You are provided with more than 30 categories for easy searching. Also provides keywords searching too. The simple and easy to eyes, hand UI of this app makes it a top choice. The wallpapers in the app are updated from time to time giving you taste of new wallpapers everyday.



Categories in Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD contains mutiple categories from which you can choose your favorite wallpapers. It is a app for all the people as it has consistency and varieties for everyone. Some categories are Airplane, Animal, Autumn, Brand, Buildings, Cars, Cats and Dogs, City, Colorful, Fantasy, Flowers, Food, Game, Girly, Heart, Illustration, Love, Monochrome, Mountain, Music, Nature, Night View, Paintings, Patterns, People, Pink, Portrait Mode, Quotes, Rain, Red, Sea, Sky, Sports, Spring, Summer, Sunset, Texture, Travel, Trees, Universe, Vintage and others.



You can crop images, filters and various set as wallpapers modes (standard, entire, fixed, scroll and more) are available. You can crop the image so as to keep only the favorite part of the image as your wallpaper. You can also keep the wallpapers as your Lock Screen Wallpaper and Homescreen.



Some other pros of Backgrounds HD are  you only have to keep the favorite images by easily saving them to your own device. You can also Share images to anyone and any other applications in simple way and keep your own favorites and histories. The user upload categories allows users to search for new talented artists and also express their skills to others.



To put this to conclusion, Backgrounds HD is a great app to enrich your backgrounds wallpaper choices. We suggest you to try this app right away if you are looking for the best backgrounds. This app has lots of cool wallpapers  to look at and download. Backgrounds HD has the best service for its users. With the new update, now it is more easy for people to express their photography skills out to the world. This is the best wallpaper app available with easy to use features, professional arts, minimized ads and incredible collections.

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