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App of the Week #3: Alarm Puzzle Clock

We all know how hard it is for some of us to wake up in the morning. We try a number of things to wake up so that we don’t miss our important class, business meeting and many other important things. Some of us even keep at least 3 or 4 alarm in certain intervals before we even wake up. That last 5 min of sleep is very important no matter what. And the consequences is of course missing your bus, getting late for your work and ultimately getting scolded by your boss or teacher. However, In this week’s App Of the Week, we bring you a very useful and powerful alarm app that will never let you miss your wake up time. Without further delay let’s explore today’s App Of The Week- Alarm Puzzle Clock whose single alarm is enough to wake you up in time.

Alarm Puzzle

Alarm Puzzle Clock is a very powerful weapon of choice and you shouldn’t hesitate to use it.Its alarm sound is really annoying, maddening, provoking and all other infuriating word. Its sound increases with time and becomes more and more annoying. The only way to stop its alarm is to solve a puzzle. When you are sleeping and can’t even think properly you are given puzzles that needs you to be active to solve. It will even wake your room mate if not solved in time. After solving this you will have enough strength and sense about your purpose of waking up.

How it Works ?

When we are sleeping, our mind is in such a state that we tend to either snooze or simply turn off the alarm and sleep. Our brain is at the lowest working level while sleeping.  Alarm puzzle basically shows you a simple mathematical puzzle which normally can be solved very quickly with average intellect level. But during sleep our mind is in a state where even a simple mathematical puzzle will make sure that you do get in your sense as you solve it. This will eventually wake you up in true sense.

Features of Alarm Puzzle Clock

Easy to use UI

The User Interface is very easy to use for anyone. The controls and simple and looks very good. There aren’t a lot of settings preferences to make it complex but offers a wide range of functionality. It shows the time,date and day and even has a stopwatch and a timer. The tap to add alarm also makes it fairly easy to use and understand. The UI offers black dark skin with blue font which is really good looking.

Snooze Limits

The Snooze limit feature is a good feature of this app to help you not sleep for a long time. The lowest snooze time is 1 minute and the highest snooze time is 10 minutes. Also the snooze repeat ranges from 1 to 10 which is really good compared to some default alarm apps which has no limit at all. This feature wont let you snooze your alarm for very long ensuring that you wake up in time.

Recurring and Multiple Alarms

You can set multiple alarms in Alarm Puzzle Clock and even repeat it in any of day. You can choose specific day to ring your alarm or everyday. You can also remind you of your task by keeping different alarm names for different alarms.


Puzzle Mode

As the name of the app suggests, it provides puzzle before you can dismiss your alarm and by that time you will already be awake. There are various puzzles that you can choose from to dismiss the puzzle. You can also have Normal Mode which shows no puzzle at all. The various puzzle modes are : Math Puzzle, Captcha, Fix image, Pick cards and more. The best one would be the Math puzzle mode which even has difficulty level which gives you Mathematical operations from simple to complex before you can shut down your alarm.


Other Features

  • Alarm volume ramp up
  • Multiple collection of alarm music
  • Elegantly designed stopwatch and timer
  • Different Puzzles for different alarm
  • Beautiful time display

If you don’t want to wake up late and miss your any important task then this is a must have app for you. You can tell us what you think about this app in the comment section below. Never wake up late with Alarm Puzzle Clock.




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