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Apple will make 25% of iPhone production in India. 


According to an analyst of JP Morgan, Apple will proceed its 25% of all iPhone production in India by 2025. Whereas, currently the country has only a 5% fraction. If we see Apple’s production history, we will see that China comes at top of the list to cover a maximum fraction of the part. However, the news reports us that, it is not only the iPhones either, 25% of all Apple products such as iPods, Apple watches, Airpods, and macs will get out of china by 2025. It seems that Apple’s dependence on China is high. Therefore, being the company’s greatest liability, now, Apple wants to diversify its supply chain to other parts of the world.  

Reasons behind Apple shifting backward its production in China 

It has been seen that the production of Apple was disturbed by trade wars, COVID-19 lockdowns, geopolitical tensions, and the scenario of china invading Taiwan. Whereas, the company is also forced to comply with the laws of china that directly contradict the company’s stated value. 

Apple relations with India

If we look back to history, Apple first started iPhone production in India with the iPhone SE and this model went for sale only within the country. Since then, the range of models has gradually grown up. Whereas, Foxconn is highly expected to start the production of the vanilla iPhone 14 in India in the coming weeks. As of now, iPhone 13 production started in India in April of 2022.

iPhone 14 series
iPhone 14 series

Whereas, Bloomberg reports suggest that the India TATA group has been in discussion with Wistron for a joint venture with iPhones. Wistron is the same company that manufactured iPhone SE back in 2017. 

So, this was all. let’s see how Apple and India will be corporating in the upcoming days in terms of their business. Till then stay connected to us. We will keep updating you if any hot news arrives in the market.

So what are your thoughts on the future production relation between Apple and India? let us know down below in the comment section. 


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