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Apple A16 chip’s AnTuTu test shows impressive improvement in GPU performance


Seems like, the newly launched iPhones with the A16 chipset has pretty good CPU and GPU performance improvements. This chip is based on 64-bit ARM and is manufactured by TSMC. However, only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has the new A16 bionic chipset. Meanwhile, In the test. The iPhone 14 Pro scored 978,147 points and iPhone 14 Pro Max scored a total of 972,936 points. If we compare this to its predecessor: iPhone 13 Pro and 13 pro max, we will see an increase of a total of 18.8%.  

apple A16 bionic benchmark

If you see the CPU performance, it went up by 17% and the memory score is up by 10%. Whereas, its GPU has jumped over the 28% compared to its previous generation. This was one of the most amazing and impressive performances noticed in the whole A16 chip which could be the highest generational improvement or upgrade done in recent years.

If we compare the previous year’s iPhone 13 Pros to that of the 12 Pro generation. It has gained a 17% increase in CPU score and 19% in GPU. Furthermore, last year’s performance that wowed all of us was the memory score jump of 44%.

So, this was the performance of Apple’s A16 bionic chip which has given a shock to the market with the increase of 28% improvement in GPU score. However, this A16 chip is the most powerful chip right now in the world of smartphones. Let’s see what Apple brings the new upgrade to the world in the upcoming days. This much for now. Stay connected to us we will keep updating you if any hot news touches the market.

So, what amazed you in this new Apple’s A16 Bionic chip features? Let us know down below in the comment section…

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