iOS 11
iOS 11

Apple announces iOS 11 with improvement on Siri, App store and more

Apple has recently announced its new mobile software iOS 11 with improved features and better interface. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple announced the iOS 11 along with some new Apple products at WWDC 2017. For those of you who don’t know, WWDC 2017, also known as Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, is held in California by Apple to announce its new products and software. Different tech sites, tech engineers, journalist and many more people attend to this event. Let us talk about the new Apple OS, iOS 11.

The iOS 11 is likely to come with the new iPhone 8 which is currently being developed. There are major improvements in the iOS 11 on Messages, Siri, Messaging features, Apple payment services and more. Another big improvement in the new iOS is on camera features. Images taken from the phone’s camera will take less space due to a new image format.


Siri’s voice will sound more natural on the iOS 11. Major enhancements has been made with the Siri’s voice to have a better respond to the users. Additionally, Siri will now be smarter than ever and will learn from your other Apple devices. Moreover, Users privacy will be kept at top priority. Siri will also be able to access your Safari bookmarks to give better and on context suggestions to you. However, a new concern is rising that Siri being able to access your Messages, Mail, Browsers data and more will create privacy issues.

Siri is now able to translate from English to Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and French. This is a great upgrade to Siri and a lot of international iPhone users had been asking this update.

New Image and Video Format

Apple is introducing a new image format on the iOS 11 to cover less space. On previous iOS, Apple products use JPEG format but now iOS 11 will use HEIF image format which will take much less space than JPEG. Apple says that the new format will still be able to store great quality image at half the size of JPEG. This is a good update on the iOS 11 because your photos will now much less storage space. In addition, videos will now be compressed using HEVC or H.265 which will result again result in less space taken.

App Store and Apple Pay

App store has now new user interface. It now has two different section for apps and games. The new games tab will make it easier to spot in app purchase game and also will contain famous and favorite games and apps.

New Appstore interface
New Appstore interface

A lot of users use apple pay for their mobile payment services. Apple pay will now receive major upgrade on the iOS 11. However, this upgrade will be region biased, working on the US for now and few other countries which supports apple pay. iOS 11 will enable users to send money via Apple Pay as easy as sending a message. The money will be received in your apple pay card and easily transferable to bank account.

Other improvements on iOS 11

The new IOS 11 also features additional improvements including Do Not Disturb car mode, improvised iOS interface, new file apps and other. Do Not Disturb mode will be activated while driving through your Bluetooth or dopler WiFi. Notifications will be snoozed for later to see. iOS 11 will contain a new file app which will give you a brief overview of the file stored on your device it also features display of files on clud storage services including Onedrive, Dropbox and other. iOS  11 will add improvements to apple maps too. Apple maps will contain lanes and speed limits.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Do Not Disturb Mode

These are the new and upgraded features on the iOS 11. The new iOS will come with the new iPhone 8 as for now. We have no news about the other devices that will receive a future update. However, Apple is likely to release a beta version for the users to test out. Keep following Gadgets In Nepal for more updates and leaks.

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