Apple to begin making iPhones in India


With more and more smartphone companies started manufacturing their smartphones in India, Apple is soon going to join this trend as well. According to the recent report, Apple will going to start assembling Phones in Bangalore, India by the end of April. At the moment, Apple products’ parts are manufactured in 28 countries including China, Korea, Japan and US.


The confirmation comes from Karnataka’s IT minister, Priyank Kharje. In his interview with Bloomberg, he gave further details. Bloomberg reports,

The U.S. company has tapped Taiwan’s Wistron Corp. to put together its phones in the tech capital of Bangalore in Karnataka, said Priyank Kharge, the state’s information technology minister. Apple executives met with him in January and confirmed the timeline, he said in an interview.

This time Apple has contracted Wistron Corp. for the manufacturing in India. Apple received clearance to make Iphones in the country due to its compliance with the state’s industry-friendly policies.

Currently there are 42 other manufacturers including Huawei and Xiaomi making phones in India. By the end of April, Apple will also start the manufacturing process. And soon the company will set up its own retail stores in India. Until now, it has been relying on authorized distributors like Redington for its sales. With the introduction of the Apple’s owned retail stores, the company is likely see more benefits. One of the expected benefits is the pricing of Apple products. Also the app development sector is expected to improve with the increase of skilled developers.

Iphone 7

Apple’s move comes as no surprise. Since India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. It is a smart move from the company to capitalize on the booming market.

In a country like India, cheaper phones tend to have better sales numbers. Comparatively Apple has not been doing so well compared to other brands like Lenovo and Xiaomi. In 2016, Apple only accounted for less than 2% of the total smartphone shipments in India. Perhaps the local branding on the Iphones will make some positive impact in sales.

What all these means for Indian And Nepali Consumer?

Well, once Apple starts manufacturing iPhones in India, iPhone price will be a lot cheaper in India compared to current pricing. As we all know that iPhones are expensive in India compared to Nepali market. Which means once iPhones are priced down in Indian market, we might see growth in the gray market of iPhones in Nepal because of the open border between India and Nepal. And to fight back against gray market, we might see the price drop of iPhones in Nepal as well.

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