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iOS 17 is now Officially Available for Download on iPhones Starting Today


Apple announced iOS 17, iPadOS 17 & TVOS10 in WWDC 2023 then for the whole summer it followed a beta release. Whereas now the iOS 17 is officially available for download starting today on supported devices. Therefore in this article, we will discuss iOS 17 new features and updates along with its supported devices.

iOS 17 New Features and Updates

The new iOS 17 brings 50+ major, and minor new features & updates to iPhones. This year also iOS 17 looks to improve customization for their users to express themselves whereas iOS 17 with the updates also aims to share content in convenient new ways via iPhone. Likewise, IOS 17 also added a few new accessibility features. Here we will be also discussing key updates on iOS 17 as the list is too long to talk on all.

1. Contact Poster

Contact Poster

The Contact Poster brings the ability to customize your poster with photos, Memoji, and your name when you give people a call. Whereas if your photo sharing for contact is turned on your contact poster will be shared automatically with your contacts.

2. Name Drop

iOS 17 - name Share

Now on an IOS 17-supported device, you can easily exchange contact information with someone new by simply bringing your iPhone near their iPhone or Apple watch. Your name and contact poster are automatically included whenever you share.

3. FaceTime Video Message

Similar as it sounds the FaceTime video message lets you do what it says which is to leave a video message when someone doesn’t pick up your FaceTime call letting you capture exactly what you need with the retake option.

4. Live Voice Message

The Live Voice message lets you see a live transcription when someone calls and leaves you a message. You can also pick up the call as they’re leaving their message. Whereas when you turn on Silence unknown callers the number will go straight to Live Voicemail.

5. Standby Mode

IOS 17 - Standby Mode

Standby Mode is a new feature on iOS 17 that gives users a new full-screen experience when the iPhone is on its side while charging. The Standby mode provides glanceable information such as clocks with 5 sets of styles, widgets where you can find calendars, home controls, current weather, and more. Likewise, you can also keep track of the timer or access music controls.

6. Measure Screen Distance

Children’s using smartphone very close to their eye have become a major problem. Therefore with the new features on IOS 17, it asks to increase the distance between your eye and smartphone if you get too close. Reducing the risk of myopia in children and reducing digital eye strain for adults.

7. Personal Voice

The Personal Voice is a speech accessibility tool for people who are at risk of losing their voice to create a voice that sounds like them. Whereas the speech is privately & securely stored on their iPhones.

8. Custom Stickers

IOS 17 now lets you add/create your custom sticker from your photos whereas you can also add various effects to your sticker. Moreover, if your photo is a live photo it will also get an animation.

9. Check-In Message

IOS 17 Check-In Message

On IOS 17 you can enable Check-In Message for destination/time duration with a family member or friend to let them know when you’ve arrived at the destination or during the period. The check-in can detect when you’ve arrived and inform your loved one automatically. Whereas if you don’t make progress toward your destination for over 15 minutes or after your duration is up check-in will ask to see if you are all right. And if you don’t respond it will automatically share useful information with your loved one such as current location, battery, and cellular status.

10. Offline Map

The offline map feature on IOS 17 now lets iPhone users save an area of a map to their iPhone and explore it while offline. Where you can view information like hours, ratings, turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, and more.

iOS 17 Compatible Devices

As per Apple the iOS 17 will now be only compatible with iPhone Xs/XR which came out in 2018 and above series. Therefore Apple now has ended the OS update for iPhone X and lower which includes the iPhone 8 series & more. Check out the list below to see all of the current compatible iPhone devices.

By the way, What are your thoughts on IOS 17 new features and updates? Do comment below.


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