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Apple iPhone X Rated As High Breakability Risk

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Apple Inc. announced the new iPhone X recently. The latest iPhone from apple is priced at $999 for the 64GB and $1149 for 256GB model. While iPhone X has become the most anticipated phone for its fan all around the world, it comes as a disappointment regarding the durability. Apple claims the iPhone X’s glass to be the most durable glass ever sported in the smart phone. However, the all new iPhone X has been rated a whooping score of 90 out of 100 for its breakability.

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The new iPhone X was taken to one of the sophisticated lab by Square Trade (a company that offers protection plans for smartphone users) where numerous test was done on it. According to the result obtained, Square Trade claims, “The iPhone X’s new all-glass front and back and lack of a home button lead to the most breakable iPhone ever.” The company performed different drop tests and analyzed the breaking points of the Iphone X.

Apple iPhone X Rated As High Breakability Risk
Apple iPhone X Rated As High Breakability Risk

The different test from the height of six feet concluded that the iPhone X is prone to damage on screen, home button malfunction, front and back glass panel shattering and many more.

On the first drop test with the screen facing down, the facial recognition became unresponsive. Further the glass shattered and suffered damage that could be solved only after a screen replacement.

The side and back drop test revealed that the phone suffered internal hardware damage including an inoperable screen. In one of the test, the device was kept in tumbling machine which shattered the glass panel on the back. Moreover, the home button couldn’t function.

How bad can the repairment cost go on the new iPhone?

Not surprisingly, the repairment cost of iPhone are usually high. Even the new iPhone costs a staggering figure of $549 for repairment. The repairing cost is almost half the cost of new one. While other companies, including Samsung, charges around $20 to $30 for most of their flagship devices, iPhone charges $279.

Do you think iPhone X is worth the money given its repairment alone cost half its original price?