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Apple might launch cheap AirPods with the new Airpods max next year 


It seems like Airpods, one of the selling wireless earbuds in the world now finally come at a cheaper price. Apple might launch the earbuds at a more affordable price in 2024 by the second half. The launch will be at the time of 2nd gen of Airpods Max. Let’s get into the details. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals in his report that the company is bringing cheaper Airpods next year. The AirPods will cost around the price range of $99. Apple is also working on the second generation of Airpods Max. If the report turns out o be true, It is being claimed that the mass shipment of both these products, the cheaper $99 AirPods and the second generation AirPods Max could take place in the first or second quarter of 2024 or in early 2025.

Airpods 2nd gen

Kuo states the Apple team at Cupertino is currently in the process of changing suppliers for AirPods assembly. Hon Teng (FIT), a Foxconn subsidiary, is taking over from Goertek, which will bring “significant benefits” to the company. It will also share the assembly process with Luxshare ICT for the AirPods Max manufacturing.

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As for now the cheapest AirPods in the market are the 2nd gen version offered at the price of £139/$129/€159. Similarly, other versions and editions cost a higher price range. Let’s see how much the new price can drop for the upcoming AirPods. 

The company hasn’t confirmed the announcement but let’s wait for upcoming future leaks and information. With the price drop, what features might apple cut into the cheaper AirPods? It’s a curious thought.

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