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Apple M1 Pro SoC : Best Combination of Power and Efficiency


Apple announced the launch of the M1 Pro chipset, the ultimate successor to the M1 chipset that previously made quite an impression in the market. The chipset was announced along with M1 max, another chipset; MacBook Pro 14; and MacBook Pro 16. The upcoming MacBook Pro 14 and 16 will be integrated with the new powerful chipsets- M1 Pro and M1 Max.

The M1 Pro is just a piece of Apple silicon that promises to amplify the efficiency of your works on a MacBook Pro. The chipset, as per Apple’s claim, will aid the professionals who work with game development and video editors with the features it brings to the table. Apple, with the new chipsets, aims to be more performant and power-efficient than its previous M1 chipset along with Intel and AMD laptops out in the market.

Let’s get to know more about the chipset and its specifications. 

Apple M1 Pro- Specifications

Apple M1 Pro

Process Node 5nm
No. of Transistors 33.7 billion
CPU Cores 8 or 10
GPU Cores 14 or 16
Memory Bandwidth 200GBps
Maximum memory 32GB

Apple M1 Pro – Insane Performance less PowerDraw

Apple aimed to boost the new chipset in many aspects compared to the original M1. The upgraded cores, memory bandwidth, and memory prove their dedication. The M1 Pro chipset is an upgraded version of the same core architecture that was in the original M1. Being an SoC, M1 Pro has an integrated CPU and GPU with unified memory.

The new M1 Pro has 33.7 billion transistors along with a 10Core CPU with eight performance cores and two efficiency cores. Additionally, there is another variant of the M1 Pro chipset that comprises of 8-cores CPU. The configuration is integrated in the cheapest 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021. Besides this, the M1 Pro chipset supports up to 32GB of memory. As for the memory bandwidth, the chipset has up to 200GBps of memory bandwidth.

Apple M1 Pro and M1

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The M1 Pro has a 16-core Neural Engine that speeds up the machine-learning tasks and also helps in image processing for the built-in 1080p cameras in the MacBook Pros 2021. So, welcome sharper, crisper, and more natural photos and videos with your Mac.

Moving on to the Graphics, the chipset is best for the editors, game developers, and gamers with its 16-core GPU that is twice as fast as in the original M1 chipset. The one in the original chipset was also remarkable, now you can only use it to know how impressive the upcoming Macs will be for video editing, developing games, and playing games as well.

Apple M1 Pro

Apple M1 Pro-Video Editing Features

As mentioned earlier, the chipset will notably support heavy video editing and also has some integrated video editing features that will suit the video professionals. The chipset has assimilated a media engine that Apple designed to speed up the video processing and editing at an optimized battery. The chipset also harmonizes dedicated encode and encode media engines that speed up the work. Additionally, Apple has coordinated a dedicated ProRes video accelerator that will be of great assistance for the professionals who work with the ProRes codec on a regular basis.

Apple M1 Pro

The chipset not only provides an appealing deal with video editing but also for the output as well. As per Apple’s claims, the chipset can deliver up to 20 streams of 4K ProRes video playback. Besides, the chipset can support up to two additional external displays that will facilitate the professionals.



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