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Apple is rumored to launch iPad OS 16.1 in the week of October 24


Apple may launch iPad OS 16.1 in the coming final week of October. This rumor was spread after the Twitter post shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on his profile. He says,” iPadOS 16.1 is on track to get released on the week of Oct. 24th apart from any kind of new bugs or issues.” Furthermore, he adds, “Apple historically carries its launches the week of its earnings in October”

If we look back at the history of Apple, it normally releases its new iPadOS in tune with its iOS version but not this year. As we can see iOS 16 was released back around a month. But still, Apple did not speak about the fixed launch of its new iPad OS 16.1. 

ios 16.1
ios 16.1

Though the company didn’t talk about anything, Mark Gurman believes the launch may happen soon as the company always releases new products on the week of its earning reports.

The iPadOS 16.1 will going to be the first update of iPadOS 16. The reason for the delay may be the company wants to make sure that there will be no bugs or issues as ios 16.1 is newer to market.

The company’s earnings report is highly expected to be held on October 27, so we can guess the launch of the new iPad OS 16.1 will be on the week of the 24th. Let’s see what the company does in the upcoming days. Till then stay connected to us. We will keep updating you if any hot news arrives on the market. 

So what do you think will Apple really launch its iPad 16 in the coming week of October 24? Comment below and let us know and also do mention your further queries. We will get back to it as soon as possible. 


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