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Apple Watch Pro to be launched soon


Apple has been launching exciting reveals this year, with soon to be launched iPhone 14, just coming around this September. Now we are already anticipating the new apple watch pro which is rumoured to come around this fall. Many speculations have been made about the watch from its designs and functions. So let’s gather and learn about what we know of the new upcoming apple watch pro.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Pro alongside two standard Apple Watch Series 8 models and the iPhone 14 at its September 7 media event. Meanwhile, The event will launch the worldwide anticipated iPhone 14 series so if you want to learn more about it click our articles based on the series.

Mac Otakara has revealed some of the key highlight features of the upcoming Apple Watch Pro. Let’s dive into it.

The main highlights:

1. One of the most interesting highlights of this release might be the complete flat display of the watch. According to media reports, the new iPhone watch pro will definitely have design changes on its size and overlooks.

2. Although, the previous watch featured round corners, debates have been made if the upcoming model will support it or not. It is also aspected to be bigger than the previous releases of smartwatches. 

3. The watch is also reported to be made of titanium which will feature a “more durable formulation of titanium” as part of Apple’s efforts to make it as rugged as possible. 

4. The apple watch pro will probably run through the S8 chip, which will be similar to the S7 and S6 CPUs. 

5. The Apple Watch Pro and Watch Series 8 may have temperature sensors. However, It won’t give the exact temperature but will alert you when it detects that your temperature is elevated.

6. Highlighting the satellite feature and 5g connection, this watch might feature amazing connection services to make the device powerful and reliable.

7. With the larger design comes a larger battery as well, so one of the best performance aspects of the apple pro watch might be its longer-lasting battery durability.

These were the major highlights of the rumoured “apple watch pro”. What do you think of the apple watch pro highlights? And what else do you think should be added to its features? Share with us in the comments. Check our website for more updated news on similar topics. 


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