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“Apple’s Latest Patent Reveals Foldable Screen Technology with a Slight Bend for Enhanced Drop Protection”


Apple is a tech giant renowned for its innovation in consumer electronics, software, and services, with a legacy of groundbreaking products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. It is among the select few prominent smartphone makers yet to introduce a foldable screen device. However, various news suggests it has recently been linked to a significant patent development.

Apple Working on New Foldable Screen Technology:

Various news and leaks suggest that Apple has been reportedly working on a foldable screen technology. According to CNMO, the Tianyancha App revealed Apple Inc.’s new patent titled “Electronic Device with Durable Foldable Display” on September 5th.

This patent stands out for its safety innovation: the screen exhibits a gentle fold upon impact or vibrations. This precautionary measure ensures that in case of a drop, the display avoids direct contact with a rigid surface, thereby enhancing its overall durability. The design centers on a flexible bending axis for the screen and incorporates a pixel array within the display panel, enabling image projection through the display cover layer.

At the heart of this groundbreaking technology lies the display cover layer, meticulously fashioned from a layer of glass. This layer boasts a unique recess that stretches along the pivotal bending axis, thereby forging a pliable and slender section within the glass layer, enabling it to gracefully fold and curve around this axis. To further bolster its resilience against impact, the corners and edges of this cover layer have been fortified with added thickness.

Incorporating cutting-edge display hinges and a suite of structural refinements guarantees the screen’s steadfast flatness when fully extended. Nevertheless, in moments of unexpected drops or vibrations, it possesses the ingenious capability to automatically flex along its axis, serving as a protective shield for the screen’s integrity.

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