Best Camera Apps For Android 2017

Take Your Camera Experience To The Next Level.


When you are on the go and you see something really interesting you want to capture that moment you simply take out your smartphone and try to capture that moment best way possible. Although the stock camera is specifically designed for that smartphone some way it doesn’t satisfy you and you want more. Well, in that case, check out 5 camera apps that will help you extend your options in smartphone photography so that you can get the next shot just the way you want “Perfect”.

1. Open Camera 

Open Camera is one of the best and widely used Camera App. With many features, Open Camera is the best alternative to the stock camera. The Camera app provides flash, color effects, white balance, torch, manual focus, scene, ISO, exposure compensation, exposure lock, face detection and many other features every person would want on their smartphone. It even lets you Change Resolution and add text in your picture.

Open Camera
Open Camera

Open Camera also Supports Video recording. You can record, in up to 4k resolution if your device supports and with the option to lock its orientation to portrait or landscape. It even provides all manual functions in Video mode.

Open Camera
Open Camera App

The next best thing is that the app is completely free with no in-app purchases or any ads popping around and irritating you. A multi-feature, lightweight and fast camera app that’s completely button

2. Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite with various DSLR features is a professional camera application for mobile devices and manual camera fans. With different modes like shutter speed, ISO, light metering, focus, white balance, and more in your fingertips. There are a ton of features but as this is lite version some features are compromised.

However, with this camera application, you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. But  You need to buy Pro version to unlock all your device’s resolutions and enable RAW capture (if it is supported on your device).The Lite version is a fully functional version of Camera FV-5, with limited picture resolution and RAW button

3. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera is an unusual but awesome camera app. While For manual control Camera2 API needs to be enabled but this is First Camera app with manual controls for devices that does not support Google’s Camera2 API such as Redmi Note 4. With Bacon Camera you will be able to see how powerful is your camera module, optimized with all possible features, It’s like a DSLR but for everyone  With Manual controls and Raw support.

This camera app also supports Video mode with manual features. And this camera is free as well but you will see some ads when you click picture preview. Then again you can give a little donation to the developer just to get rid of those button

4. Cinema FV-5 Lite

While most of the camera apps are there to support for great picture quality Cinema FV-5 Lite specialize in Video. It is a professional video camera application for mobile devices. It puts professional manual controls which lets you can capture the best footage with your smartphone. With it, you can record the best material possible with any medium- to high-end device. Cinema FV-5 specially supports Android-based compact cameras, so you can even get a high-quality, optically stabilized zoom.  Cinema FV-5 Lite also has paid version.

Cinema FV-5 Lite App
Cinema FV-5 Lite App

The Lite version is a fully-functional version without any time or feature restriction: it just limits the maximum length of the individual clips you can record. You need paid version to remove this limitation and record clips of any lengthplay button

5. YouCam Perfect

When we are talking about cameras there should be something that focuses on selfie camera as well, It has been a photography technique since 2013. This is when this app comes. With various Beauty modes and filters to focuses on Selfie allowing you to Retouch photos to adjust skin tone, add filters, remove wrinkles, add freckles & contours, erase pimples, edit tired eyes, reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. All those things that make your picture even more beautiful. You can use these features with both cameras and use different filters to enhance your picture.

Get the selfie camera and picture editor you will ever need with hundreds of collages, frames, stickers and fun scenes in a single button

While these are the  Top 5  camera apps shortlisted app by us that are free in play store with some in-app purchase or pro version to unlock some features. There are some worthy mentions as well that you need to pay completely if you feel like getting one.

Manual Camera and DSLR Camera

And for Selfie and filter focused camera Candy Camera is a worthy Mention which is completely free.

However, not all the features of above mention camera will be available on all Android devices. The app and device must be compactable you can always try a different one to find which one will be best for your device. Don’t forget that the stock camera itself has a great capacity as they are specifically designed for that particular device using these apps along with stock will give you best results.

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