Best PC games with low system requirements

Everyone enjoys gaming every once in a while and if not frequently. But not everyone can afford the latest gaming PC or laptops. For those people out there we have compiled a list of best games that have comparatively low system requirements. We have tried to incorporate games from all genres so that there is something for every type of gamer.

  • Age of Empire II

    If you love strategic games then it does not get better than this. You can spend hours on basically a single exhibition match. The objective of this game is to build your empire from scratch and fight your enemies in a click based duel. You have the option of playing campaigns, exhibition matches or multiplayer with your friends.You can have fun playing the game and at the same time learning a few things about the world history.Image result for age of empire 2
    RAM : 512MB, PROCESSOR: 1.2 GHz core 2 duo

  • Warcraft III

    Another strategic game which has a similar gameplay as Age Of Empire but with orcs and nightelves and other factions. This game has an amazing story that will have you hooked for hours on the single player mode alone and also has multiplayer support.Image result for warcraft 3
    RAM : 512MB, PROCESSOR: 800MHz core 2 duo


  • Counter Strike 1.6

    CS needs no introduction due to its massive popularity throughout Nepal. It is also played worldwide professionally. The game has established itself as one of the best first person shooter games ever. The game play is very simple. You have the option to choose from two groups : Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. And you can battle it out in different maps with weapons based on the real ones.
    Image result for counter strike 1.6REQUIREMENTS:
    RAM : 256MB, PROCESSOR: 800 MHz core 2 duo

  • Minecraft

    This game is pretty straight forward. All you do is build stuff and try to survive in a world of zombies and monsters. This game is so addicting that it has become one of the most popular games on PC which has also been migrated to other platforms including Android, IOS, Xbox etc. The game’s simple graphics adds to its appeal.Image result for minecraft
    RAM : 1.5GB, PROCESSOR: 1.5GHz intel core processor


  • GTA San Andreas

    GTA V which was released last year became a massive hit in the gaming community. But GTA V is far too heavy of a game to run on any average laptop. So we recommend GTA San Andreas , another game by Rockstar which many consider to be one of the best game in GTA franchise. It can have you spending hours exploring the city and unleashing havoc without even playing in-game missions.
    Image result for gta san andreasREQUIREMENTS:
    RAM:512 MB,PROCESSOR: 1.0 GHz processor

  • FIFA 14

    Fans of football and gamers alike enjoy playing FIFA. FIFA 14 is a slightly older football game with the perfect balance of decent graphics and smooth performance on older PC and laptops. If you can deal with the outdated player lineups from your favorite teams then this can be a very fun video game for you.
    Image result for fifa 14 gameplay
    RAM: 1GB, PROCESSOR: 1.5 GHz intel core processor

  • HALO

    This is the first game of the series of HALO games by Microsoft originally developed for the Xbox back in 2001. It turned to be a huge success on both the PC and the Xbox. This game features stunning visuals(at least for that time), story and gameplay. It has the players carry out different missions in alien worlds.

    RAM: 512MB, PROCESSOR: 800Mhz dual core processor

Some other games with relatively low system requirements are Shank, Half Life, GTA Vice City and Unreal Tournament.

These games are quite old and do not boast the graphics similar to modern games but are considered one of the best PC games- period. So you can enjoy these amazing games even on an old aging laptop or PC.

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