PC vs Console
PC vs Console

Which is better for gaming , PC or consoles ?

Gaming has been gaining increasing popularity in Nepal in the last decade. This mainly has to do with the release of new gaming titles every month which offers beautiful graphics backed up by great storytelling and game-play. But people have mixed opinions on which platform to choose when gaming. Some people choose to have the latest gaming consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox while some tend to stick with their PCs. In this article we are going to help you decide what platform to pick for gaming.


1.       Convenience

Some people prefer to game on a controller of a console while some just prefer the classic ‘mouse and keyboard’ combo. It also depends on what games you like to play. If you prefer FPS (First Person Shooter) games like Counter-strike, BattleField or strategy based games like Warcraft or Civilization V then the experience would be more enjoyable on a PC. But everyone knows games like FIFA is more fun playing on the consoles with your buddies.

2.       Performance

With consoles you have limited capabilities. Most games run at 30 frames per second and tend to be at a lower resolution compared to a high-end gaming PC. Performance wise a good gaming PC can out-class a console every time. Games run at a higher frames per second and can offer up to 4K resolution in games while only the latest PS4 pro has support for 4K.

graphics compared

3.       Upgradability

With consoles you are limited to what you buy. You cannot further upgrade the hardware inside the consoles, while with PCs, the possibilities are endless. You can replace your hard drive with an SSD or increase the amount of RAM or add a new graphics card for the best gaming experience.

gaming pc build

4.       Cost

While it may seem that PC is the best choice for gaming till now, the cost of a good gaming PC might turn off many Nepali consumers towards gaming PC’s.  Even if you are willing to assemble your own PC, the cost of a decent gaming PC can go over 70K while the gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox one costs around 45K. And If you want the latest high performance graphics cards like the GTX 1080 for the PC, it can cost well over 2 lakhs. But there are many decent cards available for much cheaper as well.

5.       Availability of games

Games are sometimes exclusive to platforms like HALO 5 for Xbox One, while sometimes there are games available for both consoles and PCs. But there are vastly more gaming titles available for the PC and they are capable of running old games as well. So your choice of a gaming platform can depend on simply which games you would like to play.

Performance wise PC is superior to the consoles as it tends to provide a smoother game-play and is more customizable, but consoles are much cheaper and in most cases more convenient. So in the end, it’s only a matter of personal preference.

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