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How Smartwatches Can Help You Live a Better Life


In today’s world, everyone is heavily relying on technology to make their life convenient and faster. Besides smartphones, varieties of smart gadgets and wearables are available in the market that helps us to attain a bit of ease and management. One of such wearables is a Smartwatch! Here are some ways to improve your living and Live a Better Life with a smartwatch.

What is a Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is a wearable gadget that looks like a watch but does more than just provide time and date. You can connect a smartwatch to your smartphone and get served with many of the smartphone functions on a small screen. Each day with innovation, new features are added to the smartwatch- allowing convenience to the users. 

Users can initiate or answer calls from their smartphones, read email and text messages, get reminders and other alerts, play music, surf through social media, and also ask a question to a digital assistant. Besides these, smartwatches are best to keep track of your health. Most of the smartwatches monitor your heart rate, sleep cycle, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and temperature monitoring.

How can a Smartwatch help you live a better life?

There’s no doubt in how technology has been revamping our living style. Smartwatches not only bring convenience in our life but also some assistance to bring some healthy habits. With a mini smartphone on our wrist, we can always keep track of our work and our health. There are many ways in which you can live a Better Life with a smartwatch and they are helping us to do so. 


Smartwatches can keep track of your activities, maintain to-do lists, reminders, and alarms. They can help you oversee things you are supposed to do within a day, stay focused, and try to achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Smartwatches can boost your productivity and help you stay organized throughout the day. Additionally, Smartwatches are like an assistant on your wrist- keeping track of things you do and have to do throughout the day.

Manage calls, messages, and notifications

With a smartwatch on your wrist, you can manage your calls and messages despite being far from it. You can know who is calling, look at your text messages, reply to messages, and get other alerts as well. So, say no to missing an important call.

Furthermore, you can sync your smartwatch to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. You can stay updated about everything going around without using your smartphone.

Recently a Nepal-based brand Purple, launched watches (Purple Storm and Purple Alpha), these watches supported Bluetooth calling right from your wrist, making them the only watched under NPR.10,000 to support the calling feature. 

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Maintain healthy habits

Staying healthy and fit in today’s world is a real challenge for everyone with the addiction to junk food and unhealthy habits growing. Fitness guides and trainers have been reducing the hassle to stay healthy; but, not everyone can afford them or make time out of their hectic schedule to plan things out. Smartwatches can reduce this problem by assessing and maintaining the healthy habits of individuals. You can set reminders for your supplements, for exercise and to keep track of the calorie intake. 

Furthermore, there are many sports modes in different smartwatches that will allow you to engage in any kind of sport without any disturbances. If you are an athlete, it will surely do wonders for you.

Keep track of your health

In the race of life, everyone is caught up in one thing or another without having any extra time to spare for their health. In such situations, having a smartwatch can do heaven for you. Smartwatches can count your steps and calories, monitor your heart, monitor your sleep cycle, keep track of your menstrual cycle, and many more. If it detects anything unnatural, then it will alert you to get treatment from your doctor.

Quality of life

Smartwatches improve our quality of life and our lifestyle without any doubt. From improvising our workout habits to managing our daily work, smartwatches assist us in every possible way. It helps to de-stress our stress in many aspects, changing our lifestyle for the better.

Find your phone

Smartwatches have many smart functions including a tracking function. Yes, you can trace your smartphone if you leave it somewhere. No more asking someone else to call your smartphone, because you’ll know where it is without any troubles. 

Apart from all these, Smartwatches have tons of features. Let us know which smartphone you are currently using and if not are you planning to get a smartwatch. Till then you can watch out videos on the recently launched Purple watches. 


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