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BGMI has been removed from Google Play Store & Apple App store


Well, shocking news for the BGMI lovers residing in India, as BGMI will possibly be banned in India. Rumors have been spread, the Indian Government will likely ban this game. However, the government hasn’t given any specific reasons behind why it will ban it, but it seems likely due to its close ties with PUBG, which was banned last year.

Possible Reasons for BGMI to be at risk of being banned in India

As per the details, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, the Union Minister has submitted a written report to the parliament of India concerning the ban of BGMI.

Furthermore, it has been believed that BGMI is an Indian version of the past popular Royale game PUBG mobile, which has been banned, this might be one of the significant reasons why BGMI has been taking off the marketplace.

However, another reason behind the push for banning this game can also be the past incident of a 16-year-old adult, who shot and killed his mother over an alleged argument about the PUBG game. Therefore, at this moment, we might speculate the government has planning to ban the mental health of the children and their engagement in the game which has been raising various issues.

BGMI Banned in India

The BGMI company has commented on this matter saying, “we are clarifying how BGMI was removed from Google Play and will let you know once we get specific information.”

Whereas, Google has also declared that it has removed the game from the play store. Google responded by stating, “The game was removed following “on receipt of the order”. Furthermore, Google reported it followed an established process to remove the game from the Play Store and has affected the developer (Krafton) that they have blocked the app in India.

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PUBG ban Scenario in Nepal

Meanwhile, speaking of the past scenario in Nepal, the government banned PUBG for a few days. But after a while, it has been again permitted. Currently, again many rumors have spread to be likely ban of PUBG in Nepal, as the government is concerned regarding the mental health of the children. Let’s see what will happen next!
So, What do you think should PUBG be banned in Nepal? Comment below.

Well, see what next update may arise on this issue. However, until then, stay tuned with us.

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