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Bhayankar Offer & Ek Rupaiya ma Set-Top-Box Offer by Vianet


Vianet has launched two offers; Bhyankar Offer and Ek Rupaiya ma Set-Top-Box offer for their customers from the 22nd of February, 2021. 

Bhyankar Offer includes a new 20Mbps package with 1 x viaTV, viasecure bundled. With this low-cost package offer, vianet is targetting users with limited internet usage. And another offer Ek Rupaiya ma Set-Top-Box offer, you get Primary set-top-box at discounted rates of Rs. 1500 for 1 month, Rs. 1000 for 3 Months, Rs. 500 for 6 months and Rs. 1 for 1 year.

Let’s head into the article to talk more about the two offers by Xiaomi.

Bhayankar Offer

There are two versions of ‘Bhayankar Offer’:

The first is the BTL_Bhayankar Offer_Installation_Waived offer only provided to the Branch Sales Team with a discount on installation charges. This offer is already floated as it is currently already running. With this offer, you get Bhayankar 20 Mbps 12 months at Rs. 9600 plus VAT. with zero installation charge, zero Primary STB Activation Charge, Rs. 500 Fiber WiFi Device Deposit and Rs. 500 Primary STB deposit.

Since now the Bhayankar 20 Package is launching as a standard package offering rather than a branch level offer, the installation charge has been increased to the standard Rs.1500+VAT. So the new Bhayankar Offer rate will Rs. 9600 + VAT, Rs. 1500+VAT Installation charge, Rs. 1+VAT Primary STB activation Charge, Rs. 500 Fiber WiFi Device Deposit and Rs. 500 Primary STB deposit.

vianet Bhayankar Offer

Here are details for the standard Bhayankar Offer:

Bhaynakar Offer-20 TV+/20Mbps/12 Months
viaTV 1 1
Ultraboost Data Purchasable
Service Assurance


policy/ to learn more)

Data used

(per month)

Speed Throttle to
up to 300GB

300GB – 400GB

400 GB -500GB

Above 500GB

12 Mbps

6 Mbps

3 Mbps

Price Rs. 9,600

(Effectively Rs. 800/m)

Installation Charges


12 Months
Installation Charge Rs.1,500
Fiber WiFi Device Deposit Rs.500

viaTV Installation Charges


12 Months
Primary Set-Top-Box Activation Rs.1
Set-Top-Box Deposit Rs.500

*13% VAT Applicable on the price listed above.

Ek Rupaiya Ma Set-Top-Box

In ‘Ek Rupaiya ma Set-Top-Box’ offer the discount on primary Set-Top-Box Installation charge as follows:

Primary Set-Top-Box


Set-Top-Box Deposit
Standard Offer Standard Offer
1 Month 3000 1500 500 500
3 Months 2500 1000 500 500
6 Months 2000 500 500 500
12 Months 1500 1 500 500

*13% VAT Applicable on the price listed above.

vianet Ek Rupaiya Ma Set-Top-Box

These discounts will be bundled with the subscription, so customers will need to take a 1/3/6/12 month subscription of combo packs along with the box to get the subsidized rate. Any Combo package will do, combo packs are denoted with ‘TV+’ in the package name in IOPS.

This is a bundled scheme, so if you have already had a subscription, you need to renew it to get Set-Top-Box at that price. If a customer has Gunsampanna-30 TV+ (1 Year) and has 3 months to renew, then to get the Set-Top-Box at discounted prices, they need to renew and then add the payment for Set-Top-Box at the discounted price.

This offer is also valid for existing combo package subscribers on renewal if they do not have a primary set-top-box already purchased. So if a customer is using a Gunsampanna-30 TV+ plan without a set-top-box, when renewing for 1 year, they can purchase the primary Set-Top-Box at Rs. 1+VAT activation charge and Rs. 500 deposit.

This offer is only valid for Primary Set-Top-Box and is limited to the month of Falgun 2077 only.


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