Minister of Finance

Call And Internet Service Will Be Blocked On Stolen Phones In Nepal

Ministry of Finance has decided to bring “Mobile tracking” system in Nepal which will help to track down stolen smartphones. If you bought stolen smartphone from gray markets then Mobile network companies like NCELL, UTL and Nepal Telecom will now able to block call and internet services in your smartphone by tracking down the IMEI number.

Once Ministry of Finance give green signal to the Mobile network companies, Ncell and UTL will start tracking down the stolen smartphone right away as they already have that kind of technology. But Nepal telecom does not have that technology yet so it is said that Nepal telecom will start tacking down the stolen smartphone and blocking call and internet service after 6 months.

Ministry of Finance says that this system will help to increase legal import of smartphones and custom duty revenue in Nepal.

How to find stolen phone in Nepal
How to find stolen phone in Nepal

More important, this will help to decrease the number of mobile stealing cases in Nepal as once you give your mobile IMEI number to police or to your mobile operating company, no one can call or use internet from your smartphone. So it’s very important to note down your smartphone IMEI number. The easiest way to know IMEI number of your smartphone is by dialing *#06# on your phone dialer.

Also Nepal police is helping to track down your lost smartphone with IMEI number if you make report on police station before 1 week after the phone was lost.  So make sure you buy smartphones from authorized distributor or mobile showroom and ask original bill with IMEI number mentioned on it.

Source: Bizmandu