Camera FV-5: DSLR experience with your android

Are you looking for a professional photography app for Android? You might want to take high quality photos with Light Adjustment and other amazing features like any professional photographer may do. There are many camera applications for both Android and iOS devices on Google Play an App Store. But most of the apps are only good for taking your own photos rather than for professional photography. These apps mostly give a good photo by adding effects and filters but we don’t want effects if we are to take photo of nature. Today we will review a good camera application for enthusiast and professional photographers.

Camera FV-5, which is developed by FGAE, is a professional camera application for mobile devices. This app puts DSLR like manual controls at your fingertips and allows you to click stunning photos. It has almost all the DSLR components to have your photos taken in bright as well as low light conditions, adjust your shutter speed and focus adjustment. This app is developed for enthusiast photographers who can’t afford to have a high end photography device.

Major Features of Camera FV-5

Fully Manual Controls

All the photographic parameters of Camera FV-5 app can be adjusted manually. The parameters like exposure compensation, ISO and focus mode can be suited as per your need. You can take magnificent photos adjusting these parameters corresponding to the surrounding environment. There is also White balance mode which can be set to AWB or you can adjust manually. The program mode allows you to set your camera to Program or Speed priority mode.


DSLR-like Experience

Camera FV-5 has DSLR-like viewfinder display. You can see exposure time, aperture and stops display, EV and bracketing settings, all in real time. It has an identically unique display than any other Camera app. The sensor sensitivity (ISO) and focus mode are all located at the bottom and can be adjusted manually. The camera UI is similar to that of a DSLR and other feature too corresponds to a DSLR UI. It also has a live RBG histogram, 10 composition grid overlays and 9 crop guides available which is similar to a DSLR view finder screen/display.


Light Metering Mode

Light Metering control is a rare feature in any smartphone camera. With Camera FV-5 you can control the exposure level on your image. You can tell Camera FV-5 based on which image area it should set the exposure level: The entire image, the central part of the image, or just the narrow focus area. There are four metering mode and you can use any of them depending on your need. Used right, this means you can take a portrait shot in front of a very bright background.


Built-in intervalometer

With Built-in intervalometer feature of Camera FV-5, you can take stunning time lapse. Time Lapse is a arrays of photos taken at different interval of moving objects. Camera FV-5 wont stich all the taken photos together but it will allow you to take long exposure, exposure-bracketed shots for creating real HDR images. You can set number of frames to be shot along with the interval between shots and these shots can be later post processed to create amazing timelapses. Built-in intervalometer is particularly one of the major feature of this app.


Other Features

  • Multiple Focus Modes such as Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus,  manual focus and infinity focus modes.
  • Long exposure support: Take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 30 seconds
  • Manual shutter speed: from 1/80000 to 2″
  • Powerful organization options: different storage locations and also fully customize your file names
  • The user interface is available in more than 30 languages.

On the whole, Camera FV-5 is a great app if you want to take some amazing shots with your mobile phone. With the basic knowledge of setting the right focus mode, ISO value, exposure compensation and other parameters, you can take great photos. This is the app you wound want to choose if you want to take a hype at mobile photography  and also take amazing photographs. Install it now and never miss out the fun you can do with Camera FV-5.

To Download Lite Version : CLICK HERE (Free)

To Download Paid Version : CLICK HERE ($3.34)