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CAN Info-Tech 2018, Is It Worth To Visit? Here’s MY Experience

CAN Info-Tech, one of the biggest tech events of the country held by Computer Association of Nepal (CAN).  With title sponsor Subisu and Motorola, the event is “Subisu CAN Info-Tech in Association with Motorola”

The event started from yesterday, Magh 11 (25th January) and will end in Magh 16 (30th January), for the period of six days, at Bhrikuti Mandap. Thus we visited the event on the first day so that we could give you a clear picture of the event before you visit. You will soon get our video and article based on CAN Info-Tech to give you a clear idea. However, in this article, I want to share my experience of CAN Info-Tech 2018.

CAN Info-Tech 2018
Mi Nepal Stall at CAN Info-Tech 2018

This is the 24th Info-Tech event and till now the first day is still the worst day to visit. With unmanaged stalls not fully featured products incomplete setups, truly expressing the “Nepali Time”. Then again the event felt somehow same but even duller than the previous year. The number of visitors in CAN Info-Tech is really large and with those numbers, CAN Info-Tech is a really good platform to showcase Newly launched products or Launch New product at the event. Feature something New that can bring radical change in technology and make people inform about those technologies.


These were my expectations from the event but in reality, I was totally disappointed. CAN Info-Tech has been best place to advertise company and boost sales with discounts and offers to attract customers, that’s all. Don’t get me wrong because there were some stalls, which did show their latest product or launched their product focusing the event.

CAN Info-Tech 2018
Sammy Traders Showing Their New Product Heng lamp At CAN Info-Tech 2018

But majority of the stalls had same old products that we can be found easily in the market without spending Rs.100 for tickets. Just like previous year’s event, this year was no exception. From event organizer point of view the Center of attraction may be inside The Exhibition hall however through visitor viewpoint, it was actually outside where they could buy cheap gadgets and accessories.

So the question is with this bad experience should we suggest you to visit the event?

The answer is YES!! Now you may think right now we were disappointed and complaining but why YES? Well that is because the event may not come up to the expectation as a tech event with the possibility it has but as it has been said earlier, promotion and sales boost has been prioritized so there are definitely Good deals/offers and Discounts to check out if you are planning to buy some new gadgets.

CAN Info-Tech 2018
CAN Info-Tech 2018

Also, you can get some cheap accessories you could still get those after the event if you have time, some info but you need to visit Mahabouddha. And there are some stalls where you get to check out new things experience them and actually learn something new.

Finalizing, we would definitely hope to see organizer and participants in the events to recognize the potential the event holds and keep up with it, rather than being a business event with technology attached to it. And people visiting with tickets and returning with a bagful of pamphlets that are totally useless after the event.


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