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Mobile Price In Nepal

The smartphone is our most valuable possession. While there are numerous variations of smartphones in Nepal, it is easy to feel skeptical about making a choice. The mobile price in Nepal also varies according to their specs and brands.

Now, you don’t have to be a tech aficionado, to know about the latest price and specs anymore. Because we are always here to cover up for you. So, here we bring you the list of Smartphone that provides nothing but the best when it comes to both features and specs. We have a list of Mobile prices in Nepal to help you get a good view of the smartphones under each price segment in Nepal.

In this post, you will find the price of the latest smartphones in Nepal with their specs and features. Also, we keep on updating the price of the phone as per the changes.

Apple iPhone Price in Nepal

Apple iPhone price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 87,000 to Rs. 277,990. Let’s have a look at the price of all Apple iPhones available in Nepal right now.

Apple iPhones Model Price in Nepal (MRP)
iPhone SE (128GB) Rs.87,000.00
iPhone 11 (64GB) Rs.76,990.00
iPhone 11 (128GB) Rs.84,900.00
iPhone 11 (256GB) Rs.124,000.00
iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) Rs.112,900.00
iPhone 12 Mini (128GB) Rs.120,900.00
iPhone 12 Mini (256GB) Rs.131,900.00
iPhone 12 (64 GB) Rs.120,900.00
iPhone 12 (128 GB) Rs.128,900.00
iPhone 12 (256 GB) Rs.144,900.00
iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) Rs.156,100.00
iPhone 12 Pro (256GB) Rs.172,700.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) Rs.171,000.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB) Rs.187,600 .00
iPhone 13 Mini (128 GB) Rs. 122,990.00
iPhone 13 Mini (256 GB) Rs.139,990.00
iPhone 13 Mini (512 GB) Rs.171,990.00
iPhone 13 (128 GB) Rs.139,990.00
iPhone 13 (256 GB) Rs.156,990.00
iPhone 13 (512 GB) Rs.191,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) Rs.174,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB) Rs.191,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro (512GB) Rs.224,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro (1 TB) Rs.260,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128 GB) Rs.191,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256 GB) Rs.208,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512 GB) Rs.242,990.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1 TB) Rs.277,990.00

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung is selling entry-level smartphones to flagship smartphones in Nepal. Have a look at the Samsung Mobile phones price in Nepal.

Samsung Mobile Model Price in Nepal (Official)
Samsung M Series
Galaxy M01 Core (1+16GB) Rs. 8,399
Galaxy M01 Core (2+32GB) Rs. 9,999
Galaxy M02 (2+32GB) Rs. 11,999
Galaxy M02 (3+32GB) Rs. 12,999
Galaxy M02s (3+32GB) Rs. 14,499
Galaxy M02s (4+64GB) Rs. 15,999
Galaxy M12 (4+64GB) Rs. 18,499
Galaxy M12 (6+128GB) Rs. 22,499
Galaxy M32 (6+128GB) Rs. 28,999
Galaxy M33 5G (6+128GB) Rs.33,999
Galaxy M33 5G (8GB+128GB) Rs.35,999
Galaxy M52 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 42,999
Galaxy M52 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 45,999
Galaxy M62 (6+128GB) Rs. 39,999
Galaxy M62 (8+128GB) Rs. 42,999
Samsung A Series
Galaxy A03 Core (2+32GB) Rs.12,499
Galaxy A04 (3+32GB) Rs.14,999
Galaxy A04 (4+64GB) Rs.16,999
Galaxy A03s (3+32GB) Rs.15,999
Galaxy A03s (4+64GB) Rs.17,499
Galaxy A04s (4+64GB) Rs.19,999
Galaxy A12 (4+128GB) Rs.19,999
Galaxy A04s (4+128GB) Rs.21,999
Galaxy A13 (4+64GB) Rs.21,499
Galaxy A13 (6+128GB) Rs.25,499
Galaxy A22 (6+128GB) Rs.27,999
Galaxy A23 4G (4+64GB) Rs.25,999
Galaxy A23 4G (6+128GB) Rs.29,999
Galaxy A32 (6+128GB) Rs. 31,999
Galaxy A32 (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Galaxy A52 (8+128GB) Rs.41,999
Galaxy A33 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 42,999
Galaxy A52s 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 49,999
Galaxy A52s 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 51,999
Galaxy A53 5G (8+128GB)  Rs. 57,499
Galaxy A72 (8+128GB) Rs. 51,999
Galaxy A72 (8+256GB) Rs. 56,999
Galaxy A73 5G (8+256GB)  Rs. 75,999
Samsung F Series
Galaxy F13 (4+128GB) Rs 23,999
Galaxy F22 (4+64GB)  Rs. 20,999
Galaxy F22 (6+128GB)  Rs. 24,499
Galaxy F42 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 31,999
Galaxy F42 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Samsung S Series
Galaxy S21 FE (8+256GB) Rs. 89,999
Galaxy S22 (8+256GB) Rs 1,18,999
Galaxy S22+ (8+256GB) Rs. 137,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+256GB) Rs. 1,69,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+512GB) Rs. 1,79,999
Samsung Foldables
Galaxy Z Fold 3 with cover & S-Pen (12+256GB)  Rs.169,999
Galaxy Z Fold 3 with cover & S-Pen (12+512GB)  Rs.179,999
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (256GB) Rs.89,999

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi is currently the No. 1 smartphone brand in Nepal. They are currently offering entry to flagship smartphones in Nepal. Now, we will be looking at the price of Xiaomi Mobile in Nepal.

Model Price in Nepal
Redmi A1 (2+32GB) Rs.11,999/-
Redmi A1+ (2+32GB) Rs 12,499/-
Redmi 9A (2/32GB) Rs.12,999/-
Redmi A1+ (3+32GB) Rs 13,999/-
Redmi 9A (3/32GB) Rs.13999/-
Redmi 9C (3/64GB) Rs.15999/-
Redmi 9C (4/128GB) Rs.17999/-
Redmi 9 Active (4+64GB) Rs.15,999/-
Redmi 10A (2/32GB) Rs.13,999/-
Redmi 10A (3/64GB) Rs.15,999
Redmi 10A (4/128GB) Rs.17,999
Redmi 10C (4/64GB) Rs 18,999/-
Redmi 10 (4/64GB) Rs.18,999/-
Redmi 10 (6/128GB) Rs.21,999/-
Redmi 10 Prime 2022 (4/64GB) Rs.20,499/-
Redmi 10 Prime 2022 (6/128GB) Rs.23,999/-
Redmi Note 11 (4/64GB) Rs.23,999/-
Redmi Note 11 (4/128GB) Rs.24,999/-
Redmi Note 11 (6/128GB) Rs.27,999 /-
Redmi Note 11S (6/128GB) Rs.30,999 /-
Redmi Note 11S (8/128GB) Rs.32,999/-
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (6/128GB) Rs.34,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (8/128GB) Rs.36,999 
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (6/128GB) Rs.38,499/-
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (8/128GB) Rs.41,499/-
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6/128GB) Rs.33,999/-
Mi 11 Lite NE 5G (8/128GB) Rs 45,999/-
Mi 11 Lite NE 5G (8/256GB) Rs. 48,999/-
Xiaomi 12 Lite (6/128GB) Rs 50,999/-
Xiaomi 12 Lite (8/128GB) Rs 53,999/-
Mi 11X Pro (8/128GB) Rs.64,999/-
Xiaomi 12X (8/256GB) Rs.71,999/-
Xiaomi 12 (8/256GB) Rs.87,999/-
Xiaomi 12 Pro (8/256GB) Rs.104,999/-
Xiaomi 12 Pro (12/256GB) Rs.114,999/-

Poco Mobile Price in Nepal

Poco is known as a gaming smartphone brand in Nepal. However, the company also launches some normal budget smartphones in Nepal. Let’s have a look at the price of all Poco Mobiles available in Nepal right now.

Poco Mobile Models Price in Nepal (MRP)
POCO C3 (3/32GB) Rs.13,999/-
POCO C3 (4/64GB) Rs.14,999/-
Poco C31 (3/32GB) Rs. 14,999/-
POCO C31 (4/64GB) Rs.16,499/-
POCO M2 RELOADED (4/64GB) Rs.17,999/-
POCO M3 (4/64GB) Rs.18,999/-
POCO M3 (4/128GB) Rs.19,999/-
POCO M5 (4/64GB) Rs.20,499/-
POCO M3 PRO (4/64GB) Rs.23,999/-
POCO M5 (6GB/128GB) Rs 23,999/-
POCO X3 Pro (6/128GB) Rs.31,999/-
POCO X3 Pro (8/128GB) Rs.34,999/-
POCO X3 Pro (8/256GB) Rs.36,999/-
POCO F3 (6/128GB) Rs.46,999/-
POCO F3 (8/256GB) Rs.51,999/-
POCO F3 GT (8/256GB) Rs.51,999/-

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal

OnePlus is also actively launching its smartphones in Nepal. The company is mainly focusing on its Nord series in Nepal. However, they also sell some flagship smartphones in Nepal as well. Let’s have a look at the OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal.

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal
Oneplus Nord N100 (4+64GB) Rs. 22,999
Oneplus Nord N10 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 39,499
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 39,999
Oneplus Nord CE 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 44,999
Oneplus Nord CE 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 51,499
Oneplus Nord CE 2 5G (8GB+128GB) Rs. 47,499
Oneplus Nord 2 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 59,999
Oneplus Nord 2 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 69,999
OnePlus Nord 2T (8+128GB) Rs. 64,999
OnePlus Nord 2T (12+256GB) Rs. 74,999
Oneplus 8T (8+128GB) Rs. 78,999
Oneplus 8T (12+128GB) Rs. 85,999
Oneplus 9 (12+256GB) Rs. 1,04,999
Oneplus 9 Pro (8+1256GB) Rs. 1,19,990
Oneplus 9 Pro (12+256GB) Rs. 1,29,000
Oneplus 10 Pro (12GB+256GB) Rs.1,34,999

Realme Mobile Price in Nepal

Realme is doing a good job in Nepal. The company has already created a separate fan base in Nepal. Capturing 14% of the smartphone shipment share in Q1 2022, Realme is the third-largest smartphone brand in Nepal right now. Also, the company is selling its smartphone under Narzo branding which has a separate 3% market share as well. Now, let’s have a look at the price of Realme Mobile in Nepal.

Realme Mobile Models Price in Nepal
Realme C11 2021 (2/32GB) Rs. 13,499
Realme C30 (2/32GB) Rs. 13,499
Realme C30s (2/32GB) Rs. 13,499
Realme Narzo 50i (2/32GB) Rs. 13,499
Realme C30 (3/32GB) Rs. 14,499
Realme Narzo 50i Prime (3/32GB) Rs. 14,999
Realme C11 2021 (4/64GB) Rs. 15,799
Realme Narzo 50i (4/64GB) Rs. 15,799
Realme C30s (4/64GB) Rs. 15,999
Realme Narzo 50i Prime (4/64GB) Rs. 15,999
Realme C21-Y (3/32GB) Rs. 16,199
Realme C31 (4 + 64GB) Rs. 17,799
Realme C21-Y (4 + 64GB) Rs. 17,899
Realme C25-Y (4 + 64GB) Rs. 18,749
Realme Narzo 50A (4+64GB) Rs. 19,499
Realme C25-Y (4 + 128GB) Rs. 20,449
Realme Narzo 50A Prime (4+64GB) Rs. 20,299
Realme Narzo 50A Prime with charger (4+64GB) Rs. 20,999
Realme Narzo 50A (4+128GB) Rs. 21,199
Realme Narzo 50A Prime (4/128GB) Rs. 21,799
Realme C35 (4+64GB) Rs. 21,299
Realme Nazro 50A Prime with charger (4+128GB) Rs. 22,499
Realme C35 (4+128GB) Rs. 22,799
Realme Narzo 50 (4+64GB) Rs. 23,999
Realme 9i (4+64GB) Rs. 24,499
Realme C35 (6+128GB) Rs. 24,999
Realme Narzo 50 (6+128GB) Rs. 27,499
Realme 9i (6+128GB) Rs. 27,999
Realme 9i 5G (6GB/128GB) Rs. 29,999
Realme 9 4G (6+128GB) Rs. 31,499
Realme 9 4G (8+128GB) Rs.33,999
Realme 9 Pro 4G (9/128GB) Rs. 33,999
Realme 9 Pro 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 38,999
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G (6GB+128GB) Rs. 42,999
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G (8GB+128GB) Rs. 45,999
Realme GT Neo 2 (8GB + 128GB) Rs. 54,199
Realme GT Neo 2 (12GB + 256GB) Rs. 60,999
Realme GT Neo 3 (12GB + 256GB) Rs. 77,999
Realme GT 2 Pro (12GB + 256GB) Rs. 1,09,999

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo is one of the brands with a good impression in the Nepali smartphone market in Nepal. The company has launched different smartphones mostly targeting customers looking for a good camera. Here is the latest price of Vivo Mobile in Nepal.

Model Price in Nepal
Vivo Y1s(2+32) Rs. 13,599
Vivo Y01 (2+32GB) Rs. 13,999 
Vivo Y1S(3+32) Rs, 14,999
Vivo Y12s Rs. 17,999
Vivo Y15c (3+32GB) Rs 17,999
Vivo Y15s (3+64GB) Rs. 19,999
Vivo Y20 (3+64GB) Rs. 19,990
Vivo Y16 (4+64GB) Rs. 19,999
Vivo Y20(4+64GB) Rs. 22,799
Vivo Y22 (4GB+64GB) Rs. 22,999
Vivo Y20s (4+64GB) Rs.25,499
Vivo Y22s (6+128GB) Rs 27,999
Vivo Y33s (8+128GB) Rs.29,999
Vivo Y35 (8+128GB) Rs 30,999
Vivo Y51 (8+128GB) Rs. 33,499
Vivo Y55 (8+128GB) Rs. 33,999
Vivo Y53s (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Vivo V20 SE (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Vivo V21e (8+128GB) Rs. 39,999
Vivo V23e (8+128GB) Rs. 41,999
Vivo V21 (8+128GB) Rs. 49,999
Vivo V23e (8+256GB) Rs. 46,999
Vivo V23 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 55,999


Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Oppo Reno 3 Rs. 46,990
Oppo F19 Pro Rs. 39,990
Oppo F19 Rs. 31,990
Oppo F17 Pro Rs. 43,990
Oppo F17 Rs. 33,990
Oppo F15 Rs. 39,990
Oppo A9 2020 Rs. 33,590
Oppo A52 Rs. 29,990
Oppo A53 Rs. 22,090
Oppo A54 Rs. 25,990
Oppo A76 (6+128GB) Rs. 29,990 (New)
Oppo A31 Rs. 26,590
Oppo A5 2020 (4 + 128GB) Rs. 25,490
Oppo A5 2020 (3 + 64GB) Rs. 22,990
Oppo A16 Rs. 18,990
Oppo A16K Rs. 17,990 (New)
Oppo A15s Rs. 21,990
Oppo A15 Rs. 18,590
Oppo A12 (3 + 64GB) Rs. 14,990
Oppo A12 (4 + 64GB) Rs. 20,790
Oppo A1k Rs. 14,690

Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Nokia Phones Price in Nepal
Nokia Feature Phones
Nokia 105 S.S. Rs. 2,399
Nokia 105 D.S. Rs. 2,499
Nokia 110 D.S Rs. 3,099
Nokia 125 D.S. Rs. 3,444
Nokia 150 D.S. – 2020 Rs. 4,144
Nokia 210 D.S. Rs. 4,199
Nokia 5310 D.S. Rs. 5,499
Nokia 6310 D.S. Rs. 6,299
Nokia Smartphones
Nokia C1 Rs. 7,199
Nokia C1 2E Rs. 7,699
Nokia C1 Plus Rs. 8,399
Nokia C2 Rs. 9,299
Nokia C20 (1GB + 16GB) Rs. 9,999
Nokia C20 (2GB + 32GB) Rs. 10,999
Nokia 1.4 (2GB + 32GB) Rs. 12,899
Nokia 1.4 (3GB + 64GB) Rs. 13,999
Nokia C30 Rs. 12,999
Nokia G10 Rs. 16,999
Nokia G20 Rs. 19,999

Motorola Mobile Price in Nepal

CoolPad Mobile Price in Nepal

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