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CG Net is Now Providing Free Internet Trial for New Users


The ISP market in Nepal is really getting heated up. After the entry of CG Net, the market has become very competitive. Brands like Wordlink and Vianet are providing free upgrades, while ClassicTech has won the Speed war with its 1000Mbps connection. In order to compete in this rapidly growing competition, CG is back with its new offer. Today in this article we will be talking about Free Trial internet from CG, so let’s begin. 

How to get CG Net free Internet Trial?

CG is now providing free 15 days trial for its new customers. According to their latest Facebook post and their website, we can see the brand is offering 15days of free trial for a new internet connection. If you want to try out the 15-day trial, you can fill out the form from their website. The form simply asks for your Name, Location, Phone Number email, and choice of your package. After you submit the form, officials from CG will contact you and provide you with the connection in your home.

CG NET Free Trial Form

According to the company, the user won’t be charged for installation, no money will be charged for the router and no deposit is required for the trial. We have seen a similar move from Jio in our neighboring country, India. 

I think it’s a nice move from CG. For us as a consumer, we will be able to test the Internet and its service before getting the connection and for the brand, it will be able to connect with more customers and further penetrate the market. 

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CG Net Internet Plans & Price

Currently, CG offers Two different options for Residental plans:120Mbps and 50Mbps. These are the plans and prices of CG Internet. 

Time1 month3 Month6 Month 12 Month
PriceNPR 999/-NPR 2,997/-NPR 5,994/-NPR 11,988/-
Speed50 Mbps
Time1 Month3 Month6 Month12 Month
PriceNPR 649/-NPR 1,947/-NPR 3,894/-NPR 7,788/-

*Installation Charge, Router Deposits, and Vat are not included in the above-mentioned price.

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