OMEGA 8 Review

CG Omega 8 Review: Heading Towards The Right Direction

The Omega 8 was released a couple of months ago with a price tag of Rs.12,999/- and we have had a chance to test this phone out for about a month. Let’s see how well the Omega 8 performs.

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Let’s start the design first. The phone has a modern design so even with a small size it is able to carry a 5.5-inch screen, which in real life is pretty amazing to look at. From afar the device may look very modern and premium but the in-hand feel of the device is a different story though. The plastic body gives doesn’t give quite a solid sensation as the metallic body, which is a let down to otherwise well-thought design.

OMEGA 8 Price In Nepal
OMEGA 8 – 18:9 ratio display

The screen on the phone is one of its great highlights. With an 18:9 aspect ratio 720P display almost completely covering the front of the device, it is quite pleasing to eyes. While not certainly a head-turner, people will still notice the beautiful display in your hands. However, the display also has a fatal flaw that is, it is only 2 point touch display. What this means that you can forget about apps and games which require more than 2 touchpoints as they simply won’t work with the device.


Speaking of the specs, the Omega 8 comes with a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core MediaTek MT6737 processor with a 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. On paper, this spec sheet might be amazing but real-life performance is nothing to write home about. You will feel the device stuttering through your day to day tasks like web browsing, watching youtube videos, etc. The multi-tasking capability of Omega 8 is also quite poor with the device keeping barely a couple of apps in the background.

OMEGA 8 Price In Nepal
OMEGA 8 – Performance

On the battery front though, the device performs shockingly well. With normal uses, the device definitely lasts you a day or two which is a pretty big feat for a device with just 3000mAh of battery.


The camera performance of the device is average at best. When there is sufficient lighting, the device takes out photos with good details and color reproduction is also pretty good. However, not even mentioning the low light situations, the camera performs very poorly in artificial lighting as well. The selfie camera is average and will get you through the day.


In terms of connectivity, the Omega 8 performs pretty well. The call quality and signal reception are good enough whereas GPS lock is also pretty accurate too.


In my opinion, Omega 8 comes with a pretty reasonable price point but carries some fatal flaws. I really appreciate that CG Mobiles has gone with an 18:9 ratio display in OMEGA 8, which helps to make it look like a 2018 smartphone. But the performance is still far behind from its competitors, which you will feel on everyday usage. So I highly suggest CG Mobiles to launch their new devices with some better Processors (CPU+GPU) for delivering good smartphone experience to their customers. If these flaws don’t affect you then you can go for it or else you can look towards Redmi Series from Xiaomi or recently launched Samsung Galaxy J2 2018