Chordpedia — Nepali Song Chords App Review

When you first learn to play different songs on Guitar, you might start with a Chord Book. But a chord book is not a handy option — especially when you have to carry it around with you. To simplify your efforts, Chordpedia App offers you a chord book for different Nepali songs on your smartphone. This app is especially for beginner and intermediate level guitar players but can be used by anyone who play a Guitar.

In Chordpedia App, you have thousands of Nepali song chords and lessons to help you pay it along on Guitar. Uploaded by hundreds of Chordpedia users, this app has collection of rock, classical, country, modern and pop songs for you. Your device needs to be connected on the internet in order to surf the song chords. However, the app also works offline for the songs you have previously visited.

Chordpedia Main Screen

Chordpedia is an easy to use app for anyone. You can search for the songs and artists from the search tab located at the top of the App’s main screen. You can select any of the songs to view the lyrics along with the chords. This app also allows you to add a song to your favorites by clicking the icon at the top. The chords used along with the strumming pattern and level of the song is listed at the lyrics end.

Chordpedia Songs

One of the cool feature of this app is the Auto Scroll feature. This feature comes in handy when you are playing along the song on Guitar and need an extra hand to scroll through the lyrics. The Auto Scroll feature is located at the upper right corner and has 6 speed variables. You can choose any one depending on the songs speed and your preferences. You can switch back to manual scroll if you need.

Auto Scroll Feature

Chordpedia also has video lesson related to the songs that you are learning. The video lessons are from different Nepali YouTube channels and are listed at the songs end. This is another cool feature that you don’t get in traditional paper chord books. If a video lesson is unavailable, then you can also find the songs original video. The auto save feature for the chords allows you to use the app offline if you are not able to connect to the internet.

Video Lesson

Features of Chordpedia App

  • Easy to learn Chords
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Additional song details about Genres, Chords, Strumming and more
  • Add songs to your favorite list
  • Auto scroll feature with selected speed
  • Auto save Chords for offline use.
  • Comment Feature

Overall, Chordpedia is all about songs and chords to play on the guitar. It is an awesome app for Nepali songs lovers who love to play it on guitar. This app will keep your fingers moving without a problem to find the right chords for you. Try out this useful app and tell us what you think in the Comments below.

Download Chordpedia For Android and iOS 

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