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My City Pulse — Keep Track Of Events In Your City

Are you bored and want something fun to do? Maybe you can join a concert, nearby film festival or a dance party in your area. But, finding places to hangout can be difficult for anyone, especially if you don’t get out much. Today, we present you an App Review of an awesome app that will list out the best events around you. With this app, you can know where the real fun is and easily find places to spend your time. This article is about My City Pulse app developed by Featherwebs which is the your fastest way to keep track of EVENTS & PROMOTIONS around your city.

There are three main sections in My City Pulse — Event, Live Map and Promotion. Let us discover the features of each section.


The event section of the app consists of all the events around you. It consists of the events such as live music and jazz, exhibitions, film festivals, food festivals, art competitions and many more. You can click on the interested events to explore more of the details. The information such as Date, Venue and Time are shown in the thumbnails of the events. Additionally, you can also click on “GET DIRECTIONS” button to know the way to get to the event. However, it opens an external app like Google Map to show you the directions which may be inconvenient to some of you.

Event Section
Event Section

Live Map

The Live Map section is a pretty useful feature in the map. You can know the exact places of the events that are happening around you. There are various pins on top of the event venues in the map. Basically, the app shows 3 different color pins based on the number of people present at the venue. Yellow, Green and Red Pin represents 20 people or less, between 20 to 100 people and over a 100 people at the event respectively. On clicking over a particular Pins, it shows you the Type of the events or promotions being held.

Live Map
Live Map


Promotion section of My City App consists of advertisements from various companies and business. It has list of offers given by certain business places to promote themselves. It contains various holiday offers, food promotions as well as products. You can also post your reviews and comments on each of the promos and also share it with your friends and family. The best part of the app is that you can also add your business by contacting My City Pulse.


Additional Features

This app also has additional features such as Help section to guide you through the app. You can also Login In through Facebook to get additional features such as a discount in Promotion. If you want a promotion of your business or own event and to be featured in the app, then you can also contact the developers. In addition. the feature to add a comment on the Events and Promotion makes it easy for other users to review it.

My City Pulse
My City Pulse App

Overall, My City Pulse is a great app designed to provide all the events in the city on your palm. Never get left out of any interesting events around you. To note, you need to be connected to internet to use this app and find events and promotions around you. While this app offers amazing features, it is somewhat buggy. The app sometimes stops responding which I seriously recommend the developers to have a look.

Install My City App today on your Android and iOS device. Also, let us know about your experience with the app in the comments below.

Download and Install My City Pulse

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Download My City Pulse
Download My City Pulse
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