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Claude 2, the new AI that beats ChatGPT?


AI has taken over the internet like a storm. The never-ending release of new AI every day has hugely begun to saturate the AI market. Among all the AIs, the one name that stands out is ChatGPT. In this article, we will discuss Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT. Now, there’s another AI assistant that could potentially beat ChatGPT, introducing Claude 2.

The conversational AI assistant, Claude 2, from Anthropic has undergone a big update with 100k context windows, the capacity to upload five files at once, and content that evades AI detection technologies.

Passing AI Detection: Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT

When testing for AI detection, the text or content generated by Claude 2 had significantly more human-like characteristics than ChatGPT. Here, Kristi Hines conducts experiments stating a prompt “Can you write a 500-word article about SEO?

Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT

Further,’s detection tool displayed that it was 98% confident that a human created Claude 2’s content. However, when testing for plagiarism, the detector did notice, that the first sentence from Claude 2’s result was directly copied from an article.

Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT
Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT

However, when testing via ZeroGPT, the AI detector deemed Claude 2’s content as human written.

Claude 2 Offers 100k Context Windows And Passes AI Detection

When testing for plagiarism and AI of the content generated by ChatGPT, the plagiarism detector showed zero plagiarism but was then identified as AI-generated content.

Claude 2 Vs ChatGPT

It’s crucial to remember that even though Claude 2 might produce writing that is more human-like, you should still include distinctive aspects to your prompts to prevent publishing content that is identical to that produced by someone else using the same tool and the same basic question.

Claude 2 Enhances Efficiency by Analyzing Up to Five Files Simultaneously

Another USP for Claude 2 is that it allows the uploading of up to five files for analysis in a chat. The updated version of Claude is capable of handling lengthier input and output. That means it is capable of analyzing documents up to 100,000 tokens and producing material up to a few thousand tokens long.

Claude 2 with comparatively Improved Reasoning Capabilities

ChatGPT certainly did have a certain extent of its own reasoning and mindfulness. However, The most recent version of Anthropic outperforms older releases in terms of language and reasoning skills, scoring higher on exams like the BAR and GRE and scoring much better than ChatGPT.

Also worth mentioning is that, while ChatGPT did give almost correct answers to coding questions and displayed a decent coding ability, the company has claimed that Claude 2 has much better coding ability with significantly higher scores on programming evaluations.

While AI’s certainly getting very lucrative, users need to be careful about the reliability of the information.

How can users access Claude 2?

Users in Nepal and Asian regions might have to wait a little longer as Claude 2 is only available in a public beta for users in UK and US. In addition, users in UK and US can access Claude 2 via the website with a paid subscription.


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