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Clubhouse is finally available on Play Store globally


The clubhouse has arrived on Android. The company, which had initially started a slow rollout, has announced that it is now available globally. However, it is the beta version to Android users globally. The main motive of launching the beta version is to look at the early users’ feedback and try to improve the drawbacks.

The clubhouse was available for iOS only, but now it is available on Android also. The app works pretty much the same as it does on iOS. This means you still need an invite from someone to be able to start using the service, but the good thing is that all existing users get multiple invites to give out, so there’s plenty of those going around at the moment.

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About Clubhouse

Clubhouse launched over a year ago as an iOS-only app. Since then, the service has shot to popularity and has since been copied by many. Most famously, Twitter recently added an identical feature called Spaces. Of course, Twitter made it available to everyone pretty quickly and also without requiring any invite. This likely is what caused Clubhouse to accelerate its Android app launch process finally. And now, the app is here, in case you’ve been waiting for it.

clubhouse anrdoid

The clubhouse is a social networking service that allows users to host a virtual room to talk with other users. Users who follow you but are not assigned as a speaker can still join this room as a listener. The host of the room can then allow any of the listeners to become a speaker.

The app is now available for download from the Google Play Store. However, it is still in the beta stage, meaning you might still a few glitches here and there, but on the whole, this is a good development. Unfortunately, a new user will need an invitation from already registered users to sign up for the app.


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