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Comparing the pricing approach of Xiaomi and OnePlus in Nepal

OnePlus and Xiaomi are two of the most popular young startups/brands out of China right now – which I guess will require no introduction – hence; I’ll not be wasting any time. Both the brands recently started their sales in Nepal through their local partners. For most of the countries where they are sold officially, they have been popular for disrupting the market trend through their attractive pricing. But, it has not been the case here in Nepal. There have been many discussions, comparisons, and outcry over this issue on the online forums. So here I’m with a comparison sheet for you.

Xiaomi Vs Oneplus Price difference in Nepal

Xiaomi Vs Oneplus price difference in Nepal
Xiaomi Vs Oneplus price difference in Nepal

In this comparison, I have quoted the recent pricing of the devices from online sources in India and Nepal. I have categorized the difference in Price between India and Nepal, where, a difference of less than 20% is categorized as Low Difference, 20-30% as Moderate Difference, 30-50% as High Difference and more than 50% as Very high difference. As we can see, Xiaomi has 3 items in the Very High Difference category. The rest of the table clearly shows that the importers of OnePlus have an upper hand in pricing the devices closer to their Indian counterparts.

We know that these devices are not manufactured in India (some models of Xiaomi are manufactured in India these days). We have seen smartphones from Samsung being priced almost equal to the price in India. In some cases (like laptops from Dell), the price in India is even higher than that in Nepal. So, we can see that there are no standards in pricing done by the authorized importers of Nepal. They seem to be looking at the category of the specific model in Nepal, offerings made by other brands, and price it slightly below them. In this way, the prices are below the offerings of other brands, but not as tempting as they seem to be in other countries.


Another possible reason must be the availability through offline retailers here in Nepal; their inclusion further increases the price. I don’t know why these brands aren’t confident enough to be completely online; after all, they succeeded because of their online model elsewhere. Further, what I feel is that the prices should be adjusted according to a set formula or a fixed pricing model for all the devices. If they price it well, they will surely sell it in better numbers. For now, OnePlus seems to price it better, as compared to Xiaomi, here in Nepal.

*Note: This article is written by Aashis Sapkota for Gadgets In Nepal


    • Yes, that true regarding price but when we compare what Gionee is offering compared to Xiaomi or Oneplus at the same price range, we’ll find Xiaomi and Oneplus are offering a lot at the same price range compared to Gionee.


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