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Concept Gaming Laptop with three 4K display revealed

Consumer Electronics a.k.a. CES is annually organized by Consumer Technology Association in January at Las Vegas Convention Center. The chief aim of CES is to present new products and technology revolutions that take place in the consumer electronics industry. The CES 2017 has already kick-off from January 5 and will be held till January 8. Many companies has already revealed their revolutionary products in the convention and it doesn’t stop coming.

A particular product is a concept Gaming laptop from Razer. Razer is an American company which specializes in Gaming products including Gaming PC, accessories, various PC gaming peripherals and more. This year in CES 2017, Razor has unveiled a concept laptop with three 4K screens.

Razer Concept Gaming Laptop

Termed as Project Valerie, it is the world’s first portable laptop with three screens. It has a mechanism of two additional screens which will slide out from center. All the screens will be a 17inch HD display. The laptop will be able to fold up and close like any other normal laptops. Additionally, the laptop when folded will be only 1.5 inch thick which is just as standard as many other laptops.


However, Project Valerie is just a concept for now. But, if Razer succeeds in making this a reality then it is sure to make a revolution. What more do you want than a realistic gaming experience on three HD screens? Since it is a concept design, no exact specs has been out yet. The main struggle with a three screen 4K display is how long will the battery last. The company has not provided any information about the battery life and other specs so far.

It’s a very interesting concept from Razer. Razer will make a great revolution in gaming PCs if this concept turns into reality. In addition, it will be one of the coolest thing you will see in 2017. So, What do you think of three screen gaming laptop? Feel free to add your remarks in the comments section below.

Project Valerie Concept Video From Razer


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