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Corning Gorilla Glass Victus; The Toughest Gorilla Glass Yet


Corning has a very good history of making remarkably tough glasses for smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets. The company has officially announced its latest technology which in the near future is changing the history of smartphones. Corning unveiled the next-generation glass, not glass 7 but new corning gorilla glass called Victus. As its name, it is out with significantly better drop and scratch resistance, if compared to its competitor aluminosilicate glass of other manufacturers. 

Corning Gorilla Glass victus
Corning Gorilla Glass victus

According to the feedback from more than 90,000 consumers by corning, the drop and scratch performance is doubled in the last 7 years. People want to pay a high amount of price for smartphones for their durability. 

Corning has published its lab test video on YouTube in which the glass has superbly performed. They claim that non-corning glasses can’t even survive the fall from 0.8m height. Gorilla glass 5 has 80% chances to survive the fall from 1.6m while gorilla glass 6 improved the chances but couldn’t be much better. 

In that lab test, Corning gorilla glass Victus had a minor scratch with an 8-newton load force while other aluminosilicate glass suffered worse with just 4-newton load force. 

Corning in a press release says that it will be first featured on Samsung smartphones in the near future. It is expected to be seen first in Galaxy Note 20 but if it misses then may we see it in Galaxy S30 series next year.  


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