Cosmic Watch — An interactive 3D Astrolabe


There are a lot of apps you can try that will let you see the stars and planets with the help of augmented reality. You can point your phone towards the night sky and find the correct location of each constellation, planets and even asteroids far away. COSMIC WATCH, however doesn’t makes you search for the stars and planets. It is a beautifully designed 3D model of the Solar System and our position and motion in them. You’ll learn how the planets and constellations moves through the sky. COSMIC WATCH is two in one: a world clock and an astronomical clock. There is also a lot of other things that you can try in this app.

Fun Features

Stunning Visuals

You can spin the screen and watch everything move from our point of view. The graphics and visuals of the app is really amazing. You can view the earth with or without the constellation. There is also day and night maps of the world which relatively lit or become dark according to the position of the sun. At night, the cities twinkles too. You can also track stunning views of the solar eclipse if you happen to be using the app in such time.



You can adjust the timer at different speed and watch the planets and stars spin around the earth. The timer can be set forward from 2 min/sec to 1 year/sec. You can set your desired speed and and change anytime you like with ease. You can also set the realtime if you prefer. When you play with the timer, the earth and the other objects move accordingly giving you the satisfaction of watching the stars and planets go around you.


Time Travel

Are you surprised ? The app really allows you ti time travel. You can feed in any date and you will receive the exact locations of the planets and stars at the time. For instance, try inserting your date of birth with your time if you know and you will receive the exact alignment of all the planets in the skies above you at the exact minute you were born. You can make you own cool birth chart with the help of data you collect. You can time travel to future dates to watch any astronomical events.

Real time world clock

The real time World clock is the first impression of the app. The real time world clock shows you the time around the world with a single tap on the globe. If you want to find the time of any place, all you have to do is search around the globe, tap and it will show you the city name and local time. The real time feature is a great impression of this app because it is quick and fun. You can also set your favorite place as many as you like.

Real Time World Clock

Other Features

Solar eclipse detector: Beware of the Solar Eclipse alert when you travel through the time.

Horoscope finder: Know the relative position of the stars at your birth and find your horoscope.

Orientation: With the equatorial coordinates you can adjust your telescope.

Digital orrery: Discover the solar system from a geocentric point of view.

Solar movement: Discover when sunrise or sunset will take place on any point in the world.

This app is worth a $4.12 buy. If you have any slight interest in the cosmic an the stars then we recommend giving this app a go. Cosmic Watch is available both on iOS and Android. If you have any trouble using this app then tutorials can also be found at

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