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Breaking!! Mobiles are to be gifted only after paying customs duties 


With the latest implementation of the MDMS system held by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the system is set to fully implement from Paush 15, 2079. The MDMS (Mobile Device Management System) was implemented on September 15, 2022, to keep track of illegal marketing, grey phones, and systematic imports of smartphones. 

Recently the government released another notice stating the Notification letter from the customs office according to the Customs Act, 2064. The notice says that : 

“According to the rules, mobile phone sets that have not been declared in the customs will not be registered from 15th Paush 2079 and the operation of such mobile sets will also be banned”

MDMS notice for poush

This means mobile sets (with 15 Digit IMEI number) brought by Nepalis from abroad for private use (not registered in the MDMS system or not in use in Nepal before 2079 Bhadra) need an update to use. 

There has been a trend of getting your loved ones mobile gifts from abroad. This unfortunately won’t be available for free anymore. Those who are returning from abroad will be allowed to bring an extra smartphone after paying extra custom duty. If it’s more than two smartphones, it will be confiscated.

nepali airport

How to pay customs duties for smartphones in Nepal? 

After the rules of MDMS shall implement in the country on 15th January, airport customs clearance is getting tight. Arun Pokharel, head of the Tribhuvan Airport Customs Office says that every passenger can only use their smartphones. That after declaring the Smartphones used at the customs office are for their own use. 

Then customs will issue a declaration letter free of charge after verifying that it is a mobile phone that has come from abroad. For this process, you will have to stand in line at the customs point.

Based on the notification issued, the mobile phone will work only after registering in MDMS by Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

However, those who have second mobile sets will have to show the bill of purchase. Then pay the customs revenue at the prescribed rate. Once it’s done the notification letter of the mobile phone can be taken which can later be registered.

More than two phone sets?

If it’s more than two smartphones, the sets are directly confiscated. So if you’re bringing mobile phones as gift sets then you have no other choice but to pay customs duties. 

The mobile phones bought in Nepal or already used before the system dont need to be notified. 

How many charges are for custom duties?

As per the previous charges, every smartphone imported from abroad was charged up to 13% VAT and 5% excise duty in Nepal. There hasn’t been any notice regarding new charges but we will definitely update you at any further notice.

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