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Daraz 12.12 Sale- Mega Deals for Home Appliances


After the recent Grand Daraz 11.11 Sale, Daraz has yet again brought another sale as Daraz 12.12- End of Year Sale. Just like the 11.11 Sale, the offers are unlimited with discounts on all types of products. So, here is a list of steal deals from Daraz for Home Appliances in the Daraz 12.12 Sale.

LG 10.0 KG Washing Machine

LG washing machine price in nepal

Next up is a Washing Machine from the Brand Partner for the 12.12 sale, after a massive Rs. 11,900 equaling to 18%, Daraz has brought a great deal for the LG 10KG Washing Machine. The 10 kg washing machine with a top load design comes with a 10 yrs warranty on the motor. For the Daraz 12.12 Sale, you can grab a piece at Rs. 55,990 and additional Rs. 1212 or 12% discount with bank discount.

Order LG 10KG Washing Machine Here

WHIRLPOOL Magicook Grill 25L Microwave

WHIRLPOOL microwave price in nepal

If you are looking forward to adding a Microwave to your home, this is the right time to buy from the No. 1 appliance selling brand in the USA, Whirlpool. Daraz has brought a fantastic deal of the Whirlpool Magicook Grill 25L Microwave. With a 15% off and Rs. 2,625 off the Whirlpool Microwave is available at Daraz at a price tag of Rs. 14,875. Also, don’t forget to pay with your bank card to get an additional 12% discount(Rs.1212 max).

Order Whirlpool Oven here

CG Vacuum Cleaner 2200 Watt

CG vacuum cleaner price in nepal

 Next up is also a product from another brand partner, CG. The 2200 Watt Vacuum Cleaner from CG is available with a 1 yr warranty and features like 5 stage filter, Dust indicator, and Speed control. Daraz has made an exciting offer of Rs. 8,590 after an Rs. 1000/ 10% discount. You can grab the vacuum cleaner for another 12%(Rs1212 max) with a bank discount.

Order CG Vacuum cleaner here

SONY Bravia Full Hd Led TV

Sony bravia tv price in nepal

The 40-inch beauty from Sony is also available for an exciting offer on the Daraz 12.12 Sale. The LED TV is a non-smart one and comes with an FHD resolution of 1080p. The TV is now available at a price tag of Rs. 41,250 after a hefty Rs. 13,750 discount. And with a Bank discount, you could get the TV for another Rs.1212 off.

Order Sony Bravia TV here

Philips 550-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Philips mixer grinder price in nepal

Next up on the list is a 550 Watt Mixer Grinder from Philips which comes in a sturdy design and strong suction feet for enhanced stability. Daraz had brought the Phillips Mixer Grinder with a discount of 24%.  After a discount of Rs.1,701, you can get the Philips Mixer Grinder for only a price tag of Rs. 5,299. And not to forget the 12%(Rs.1212 max) off with a bank discount.

Order Philips Mixer here

Homeglory Drum Model Steel Shine Rice Cooker

Homeglory rice cooker price in Nepal

Homeglory Drum Model Steel Shine Rice Cooker is also available for Sale on Daraz 12.12 Sale. The Cooker comes with 2.8 ltr capacity and easy control with automatic cut off. The cooker is available with a 20% discount equaling to Rs. 930. Currently, the Cooker is available at Daraz for Rs. 3,710 and you could get another 12% off with a bank discount.

Order Homeglory rice cooker here

Baltra FRESCO Airfryer 2.5L

Baltra airfryer price in nepal

With a 10% off another brand partner, Baltra has a 2.5 L Airfryer for sale on Daraz 12.12. The Airfryer is available with an Auto Shut Off Safety Feature with 30 min timer and temperature control up to 200 degrees Centigrade. The Airfryer is available at a discounted price of Rs. 12,218 after a 10% discount. And with a bank discount, you get an additional 12%(Rs.1212 max) discount.

Order Baltra Airfryer here

Black+Decker 1.7L Plastic Kettle

Black + Decker electric kettle price in nepal

Next up on the list is a Black+Decker 1.7L Plastic Kettle with PP water window on one side and automatic opening-lid and boil dry protection. The Black+Decker is available with a discount of 12%.  After a discount of Rs.470, you can get the plastic kettle for only a price tag of Rs. 3,510 and also an additional discount of 12%(Rs.1212 max) off with a bank discount.

Order Black+Decker Kettle here

Homeglory Hot, Cold & Normal Water Dispenser

Homeglory water dispenser price in nepal

Another product on the Daraz 12.12 sale from Homeglory is the hot-cold and normal water dispenser. The water dispenser is available at a hefty discount of 25%. The current price of the water dispenser is Rs. 8,865 and you could even get an additional discount of 12%(Rs.1212 max) with payment from a Debit card.

Order Homeglory water dispenser here

Black & Decker Sandwich & Grill Maker- Black

black & decker sandwich maker price in nepal

Next up is again a product from Black & Decker. The Sandwich and Grill Maker is on Daraz 12.12 sale for a massive 43% discount. The 1400 watts Sandwich and Grill marker has 4 slot sandwich maker and grill and also comes with easy to clean non-stick plates and built-in overheat protection for added safety. Currently, the Sandwich and Grill Maker is available for Rs. 5,999 after a discount of Rs. 4,541. And even after an already 43% off you could get an additional 12% or Rs. 1212 off with bank discount.

Order Black & Decker Sandwich & Grill Maker here

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