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Daraz is now offering EMI services to its customers


Equated Monthly Installment or EMI to be common, is a way to pay little-by-little for your purchase in a fixed tenure/time. The use of a credit card has made EMI purchase much more comfortable. Now, the number of credit cardholders in Nepal is more than ever, and that country’s leading e-commerce sites like Daraz are supporting Hassle-free EMI payment because of their tight integration with various commercial banks. The cardholders have a comfortable and reliable EMI shopping option. 

So, here’s what Daraz is doing to provide you a smooth shopping experience while purchasing on EMI. You won’t be charged any interest nor any hidden charges while buying on EMI. On top of that, no down payment is required during the time of purchase. Looking at all this, Daraz’s EMI plan looks like a hot meal to grab ASAP, but there are some things and pre-request to keep in mind before you shop on EMI via Daraz.

Things to remember before going for EMI payment 

  • Your card must be activated for Online purchase and must be among Daraz’s bank partners.
  • Ensure you only have one product in your cart while checking out and full fill minimum amount for purchase.
  • After the purchase is complete, call your bank to convert your purchase to EMI, whereas, for NIC Bank, you can simply fill the EMI request form.
  • Also, confirm tenure/time to complete your EMI.
  • After all this, your purchase will be converted to EMI without going to bak. Also, keep in mind, It might take seven days to activate EMI Plan & you will be notified via SMS as soon it’s done. 

Converting your Purchase into EMI payment 

daraz emi service in nepal

Daraz supports four different banks for the EMI payment; they are Sunrise Bank, NIC Asia, Citizens Bank, and Macchapuchchhre. If you are a credit card holder in any of these four banks, then you can easily convert your purchase into an EMI payment via these few steps. 

Sunrise & Machhapuchchhre Bank – If you want to use your Sunrise & Machhapuchchhre Bank’s credit card, the first thing to note out is that you must only have a single product on your cart while checking out and paying via the card. After your payment is successful, call your bank (probably the branch via which you issued your credit card), and ask them to convert your purchase to EMI. You must also declare the tenure/time, and within this time, you must clear your EMI’s. While the two different time options are three months & six months, the minimum amount available for the EMI is Rs.15,000, and the maximum limit depends on your credit card’s limit.   

NIC Asia – The procedure to convert your purchase to EMI is a bit easier with the NIC Asia card than others. Firstly, make sure you only have one item in your cart during checkout and pay via your card. After the payment is successful, click on convert to EMI and fill the form with the required information, and you are done. With NIC Asia, you can have a 3-month tenure to clear your EMI with a minimum purchase of Rs.15,000 and a maximum of Rs.1,40,000

Citizens Bank – Here, too, you must only have one item in your cart during checkout. After that, pay via your credit card and call Citizens Bank (probably the branch via which you issued your credit card) and ask them to convert your purchase into EMI. Also, note to them the tenure/time for completion of your EMI. With Citizens Bank, you can opt for EMI with a minimum purchase of Rs.10,000, while the maximum limit depends on your card’s limit, for either three months & six months

Note: If you failed to make your monthly EMI installment payment, respective banks would charge a late fee as per their banking policy.

Shop From Daraz Here

There’s more from Daraz to their customers – Daraz Haat Bazar.

Daraz Haat Bazar is Daraz’s new campaign with exciting deals and offers. As the event begins on the 23rd of February, events like Daraz 1Re game, Bank days, and free delivery on selected products will begin. On top of that, Daraz is also bringing Daraz Sathi, a referral program through which you can win Daraz vouchers up to Rs.500. 

Learn More About Haat Bazar Here

Daraz Sathi 

It’s a referral program, and your chance to win free Daraz vouchers and, as of now, only available via the Daraz Android app. 

  • Download Daraz App on your android device and sign in with your account. 
  • Select Daraz Sathi Program and enter your phone no. to get your unique referral code. 
  • Share the links with your friend, and with every five installs, you get an Rs.250 voucher which you can avail of during your next purchase via Daraz. 

Daraz 1Re. Game

Daraz One rupee game is your chance to win your favorite product from the “PRODUCT OF THE DAY” list for just Rs.1. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Choose a product, from the “PRODUCT OF THE DAY” list, via Daraz Mobile App or the website and add it to your cart. 
  • Check out and make a payment of Rs.1 from your Debit/credit card.
  • At the end of the event, a lucky winner will be selected.
  • If you don’t win, you will get your refund. 

Note: Before making payment via your card, make sure it is activated for e-commerce payment, and you can take part in 1Re Game only if you pay via card. 

So, that was all about Daraz’s EMI and its upcoming Haat Bazar event and 1 Re. Game. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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