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Daraz Gems – Earn Free gems and exchange with Discount Vouchers


Daraz is currently among the top e-Commerce in the country and Daraz is trying its best as the competition is increasing in the Nepali market. Daraz has brought a new feature in their mobile app, called Daraz Gems. This new feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s have a close look into Daraz Gems and how you can use them to get gift vouchers. 

Daraz Gems: What are Daraz Gems? 

Daraz Gems is basically a new reward program from Daraz to their customers. You can collect Daraz Gems via the Daraz app through daily check-ins, by completing daily missions, or through shopping. You can check out the Gems section directly via the home page in the Daraz App. The Gem section is available via one of the top right corners and the next one is placed in the icon section. 

Daraz Gems - Get Free Daraz Vouchers

Different Ways to Collect Daraz Gems 

  •  Daily Check-In
  • Completing Daily Mission 
  • Earn Gems by Shopping 

Daily Check-in 

This is the easiest way to get Daraz Gems, you have to open the app and avail of the daily check-in and claim them. You can collect for straight 7 days and they will be saved after 7 days and you can start collecting again.  But keep in mind, if you forgot to claim it any one single day, the cycle will reset and again start from day 1. 

Daraz Gems - Get Free Daraz Vouchers

Complete Daily Missions 

Daily Missions are yet another way to collect Daraz Gems. You will get the Daily Missions section on the Gems page, and you can complete any of the given tasks and get gems. You can complete as many missions as you can to win more gems. Daily missions are updated every 24 hours, so make sure you check out the missions daily. 

Daraz Gems - Get Free Daraz Vouchers

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Earn Gems by Shopping 

Shopping is yet another way to earn Daraz Gems. You just have to shop via the Daraz app and Gems will be automatically added to your account once the product is delivered to you. 

Daraz Gems - Get Free Daraz Vouchers

Converts Gems into Vouchers 

Here comes the best part, all the Gems which you earned for free can be exchanged for shopping vouchers. So, this is how easy it is to get a great deal on Daraz via the Daraz Gems. 

Daraz Gems - Get Free Daraz Vouchers

You just have to download the Daraz app, sign-up, and go into the Gems section. There Do daily check-in, complete the mission and get free gems, exchange them with vouchers, and shop using them again. 

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